Cousin Connections

With this family blog in it’s infancy  it is difficult to know in what direction to go. There are so many branches and stories to share. As I began to write about the Francesco Civitano married to Rosa Spano it suddenly occurred to me that back in April of this year I had had a cousin connection break through that had taken me almost 15 years to connect all the dots. Now you might think I need to give up my ‘Watson’ status because I am a very poor genealogy detective or you could think, wow great staying with it for so many years, you finally solved that cold case. Either way I’d like to share this with you now as it follows perfectly where I am in starting this blog.

Back 15 years ago as my search for my birth family came to its end, one of the first Civitano family members I connected with was a woman named Elizabeth in our tree. What I want to say is our connection as friends was instant and our friendship blossomed over the years, corresponding over the net and snail mail at times too. It was a cousin connection we never thought we would prove and for yup, 15 years I have revisited it over and over trying to find how we could connect – if in fact we did. I can’t tell you how many times we went over the details of her known ancestry tree and what I had been compiling. It all seems so simple now and right out there blaring at me, screaming here I am, here’s the connection. Back in April of this year it all came together.

We were connected by our 4x great grandparents Francesco and Rosa. Below is the email I shared with her when I discovered the connection.


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