Collecting Cousins

One of the amazing aspects of genealogy for me is not only the history, the story, but the connection, the connection to the story and the connections made through the story. Sometimes those connections can spread like wild fire which is the fun part. This morning I connected with another very distant cousin, but cousin indeed. We shared some information back and forth and I was able to put the connection onto paper for her to see. As the song goes, ‘his name is my name too…’ her name is Donna and in fact that is my birth name; Donna, changed at my adoption. Donna asked ‘how do I figure it all out?’ well I thought it was the perfect time to show you how I do figure it out. With pictures and graphs. Funny story, I always remember one of the high school math teachers I worked with; teaching special ed math; always told her students if you can’t figure it out,  draw a picture to show your thinking, and so thats just what I do, I draw it out. For me that’s the easiest way to see what I am trying to see. So as you begin to follow this blog, all the who had who and who had when, just start drawing it out and I guarantee you’ll see the connections

Donna is off of brother Giuseppe and I follow Vitobino Luigi. Our most recent common ancestor (mrca) would be their parents; Francesco Civitano and Rosa Spano


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