Nicoletta Civitano

In my post ‘Who Killed Vincenzo Civitano? Continued’ I shared the below picture of Nicoletta. This photo is from the time of her 2nd marriage to Nicholas Gisondi in Grumo Appula, Italy after the death of her first husband, my great grandfather Vincenzo.


Just recently I shared an unidentified photo that had also been given to me, along with this one, by my cousin Ann Elmendorf, with cousin Peter Marino asking if he knew who it could possibly be. Actually I had been leaning towards the photo possibly being that of Nicoletta much younger or possibly her sister Angelina married to Vincenzo’s brother Vito Luigi Civitano. Ann and I had had quite a lively discussion on whether they were the same woman or sisters. That’s when I decided to ask Peter his thoughts. He immediately had his grandmother Julia take a look at it. What do you think she said?


Most definitely this is a young Nicoletta Marvulli nee Civitano wife of Vincenzo. 


I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this gorgeous photo of a young Nicoletta, my great grandmother. You know when I started this journey of self discovery I couldn’t in all my wildest dreams anticipated that I could come so close to learning and experiencing all that I have about my family.

The hunt however continues and our next and most prized photo would be one of Vito Luigi Civitano and Angelina Marvulli nee Civitano. So cousins reading this from that branch of our family, please dig deep into your photo archives and take a look….for ever grateful!


11 thoughts on “Nicoletta Civitano

      • Katie – its the best!! I must ask by chance would you have a picture of Angelina and/or Vito Luigi. I would love to find anything with them especially Angelina for cousin Peter Marino. He has been on the hunt for her for years. She died in ’58. There must be a photo floating around 🙂 Oh and the 11 x 14 print has arrived. The enlargement turned out wonderful!


  1. I can’t get over that photo and that DRESS. This is an exciting blog, too, Sharon. I hope your cousins can help you out!!! I only read from my reader. I wish you were on Twitter because then I might find your posts when they aren’t on my reader (because I read at the wrong time). Don’t tempt me into starting a blog for my dad’s family (or hubby’s either). I couldn’t handle a 3rd blog. I had one years ago with my daughter about adoption. It’s still around, but not active. And then I have a writer’s blog. And then the family history one. If I did one for my dad’s family I probably wouldn’t feed my husband (who would have to feed himself) or maybe even feed my cats!


      • Teehee. I sure get that! “No, you can’t have that. You’re having frozen chicken tenders!” “But, I thought you said . . . .” “I don’t remember that. It takes too long and look how late it is!” That was a typical conversation at my house. The idea is to put the blame on the “too late” thing. 😉

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