The Children of Vito Luigi Civitano and Angelina Marvulli

The children of Vito Luigi and Angelina…they truly are responsible for our Civitano families here in the states. I have written in depth about this patriarchal family already but I’m feeling a complete listing of the children is in order. Because of them, our family name continues. Our branch – no more males to carry on the name after my generation is gone…it’s a sadly odd feeling to think about that so ~ Grazie ~ Vito and Angelina ~ this is for you


Francesco Civitano (1884-1972) m Rosina Di Armiento (1888-1963) 

children: Angelina (Lena), Maria (Mary), Vito Luigi (Louis John), Nicoletta (Helen), Domenico (Dominic John), Giovanni (John Robert), Julia


Domenico Civitano (1885-1981) m Giovanna (Jennie) Maggio (1888-1974)

children: Angiolina (Angelina), Vito Luigi (Louis Joseph), Domenico ( Dominick), Francesco (Frank Joseph), Onofrio (Nofie), James Vincent, Michael




Giuditta Civitano (1888-1939) m Vito Simone (1883-1937)

children: Maria (Mary), Vito Rocco (Dick), Vito Luigi (Vito Louis) Angelina (Lena) Domenico (Dominick Joseph)

Rosa Civitano (1890 – 1892) 


Rosa Civitano (1893-1933) m Domenico Simone (1893-1963)

children: Maria (Mary), Rocco, Vito Luigi (Louis), Angelina, Vito


Vincenzo Civitano (1897-1954) m Anna Plaveson (1899-1963)

children: Luigi (Louis), Antonetta (Lee), Giulia (Julia), Tomasco (Thomas), Frank Thomas


Giuseppi Civitano (1899- 1965) m Annuziata (Nancy) Traini (1903-1961)

children: Angelina (Lena), Rosa (Roseann), Juditha (Judith Nancy), Louisa (Louise), Ann


Please help me share their story – search those photo albums, talk to those who may remember and take note of their stories. We would love a photo of Vito Luigi and Angelina Civitano – that’s on our ‘we can dream list!’ If you find something you would like to share please contact myself or Peter Marino.  In my next post I will talk about the Marvulli family of Grumo.








7 thoughts on “The Children of Vito Luigi Civitano and Angelina Marvulli

  1. I am not sure if this is their wedding photo perhaps attending a wedding that she is a matron of honor but I agree it most certainly was a very special occasion. I love her dress! Hoping sooner than later for photo’s to surface – can hardly wait to share them 🙂


  2. NW Painted Lady keeps out-doing herself. Where ever did you get these pics? These are my recent ancestors and continue to be surprised…..


  3. Thank you Joe ~ These 2 posted were from Peter. He shared them quite a few years back. I actually had the one of Rosina (Rosa) and Frank colorized. I will post them…they actually are quite lovely.


  4. It is so sad to see the end of a surname, especially one that produced a bit of a “dynasty.” Wonderful photos. This is a tangent, but my cousins’ dad was Italian and I ended up with some photos of their Italian (immigrant) grandparents. I probably only met the grandparents when I was a baby and toddler, but I love looking at them and so glad I have my copies! I hope somebody comes through with the photo!

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