In Honor of Pvt. Peter Marvilli

With Veteran’s Day less than 24 hours behind us, and as I began to research for continuing the story of the family of Giovanni and his second wife Maria Fazio, I had to stop, reflect and honor their son Peter Marvilli

Peter Marvilli 

Marvulli, Peter - Cypress Hills National Cemetery


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – 30 Aug 1944 – Page 13

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 30 Aug 1944 - Page 13

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle – 7 July 1948 – Page 7 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 7 Jul 1948 - Page7

I was unable to get a clear legible copy of this article so I have quoted the beginning. It goes on to state the names of the others addressing the crowd as well as stating the “the names of the Brooklynites who’s bodies were aboard the ship and their next of kin, follow: Pvt Peter Marvilli, army: John Marvilli 340 Stockton St.” 

“The bodies of 116 Brooklynites were among the 4,842 World War 11 dead returned from temporary military cemeteries in Italy aboard the Army transport Carroll Victory, which docked yesterday at the Brooklyn Army Base.” The article goes on to say “Aaron L. Jacoby, chief clerk of the Surrogate’s Court, who delivered the principal address, told the more than 400 relatives of the deceased servicemen present at the memorial services on Pier 3 that America “must be strong and prepared in order to preserve the freedom for which these soldiers fought and died.” “


Today I remember and honor my 1st cousin 2x removed Peter Marvilli, son of Giovanni (John) Marvulli and his mother Maria Fazio Marvulli, brother Thomas Marvilli, 1/2 siblings Rosa Marvulli – Alessi, Dominck, Rocco and Joseph Marvulli; nephew of Giuseppe, Rita Edith, Gaetano, Angelina and Nicoletta, all who mourned his passing along with extended family and his country.

Peter Marvilli

The life of Giovanni Marvulli and wife Grazia Scarola

The next son of Domenico Marvulli  and Rosa D’Armiento that I took a closer look at was Giovanni (John) Marvulli. Born 18 May 1875 in Grumo Appula, he lived to be 84 years old before passing away in Brooklyn, New York on Jan. 22, 1959. Before I continue in my research I wanted to comment on the spelling of this last name. I have seen it many ways now on records; Marvulli, Marvilli, Marvullo…perhaps starting as spelling errors but morphing and changed by families for what ever the reason.

Birth certificate of Giovanni Marvulli 

Birth Certificate - Giovanni Marvulli p.1Birth Certificate - Giovanni Marvulli p.2

On November 30, 1901 Giovanni (26)  married Grazia Scarola (1879).

Marriage certificate of Giovanni & Grazia 

Marriage Certificate - Giovanni -2

Grazia was the daughter of Rocco Santo Scarola (1836) and Anna Lucia Panzarino (1841) both of Grumo Appula. Looking back at records on this family something exciting jumped out. The mother of Anna Lucia was Grazia Donata Gisonda. This is the family name of the 2nd husband of my great grandmother Nicoletta (Marvulli) Civitano who married Nick Gisonda/Gisondi after the death of Vincenzo. I could so go down the rabbit hole of research at this point 🙂


But back to Giovanni and Grazia. They went on to have 5 children together. Domenico (1902 – 1981), was their first son born in Grumo and would go on to immigrate to the U.S. with his parents. All 4 other of their children were born in N.Y.  Rocco ( 1907 – 1979), Giuseppe (1907 – 1909), Rosa (1908 – 1996) and Giuseppe (1909 – 1985).

Father, Giovanni arrived first on Nov. 18th, 1903. He was traveling on the ship the           SS Hesperia.

SS Hesperia


On this record under occupation it lists ‘peasant’ however above that it does say mason. Giovanni indicated that he was traveling to the home of his nephew Vito Simone. This would be the husband of Giuditta (Julia), daughter of Giovanni’s sister Angelina (Marvulli) Civitano –

Following in 1905,  wife Grazia and 2 year old son Domenico (recorded as Giovanni on the passenger record – I have no idea why Domenico was listed with this name as I have found no other documents to indicate this as his proper first or middle name) arrived on the May 23, 1905 on the ship the Republic. Grazia’s occupation was listed as farm laborer, going to her husband Giovanni at 103 16th St, NYC.


From arrival I was unable to locate the family in the 1905, 1910, or 1915 census. I decided to follow this family by the birth certificates of their children. Once Grazia had arrived with 1st son Domenico in 1905, Giovanni and Grazia had 2nd son Rocco Marvulli born March 30th, 1906. They were living at 136 W. 19th St., Rocco’s occupation was coal man.

Birth Certificate - Rocco Marvulli

Follow Rocco’s birth in 1906 was baby Giuseppe born March 17th, 1907. The family has moved and was living now at 211 W. 16th St., #7. Notice also on this and Rocco’s birth certificate the ‘levatrice – midwife’ was Antoinette Mitarotonda – this family name repeats continually in our family. (cousins)

Birth Certificate - Giuseppe Marvulli (1907)

Giuseppe lived a short 2 years passing away from diphtheria in March of 1909. Notice the spelling of the last name – Marvullo.

Death Certificate - Giuseppe Marvullo p.1

I am sure Grazia had little time to grieve the loss of young Giuseppe as baby Rosa had entered the family on Sept. 28, 1908. The ‘O’ has been added to her document as well. Still working as a coal man, the family has changed address’s to 223 W. 16th St.

Birth Certificate - Rosa Marvullo

Giuseppe #2 was born November 13, 1909. Giovanni has had steady employment and was still working as a coal man but has moved his family again now to 310 W. 25th St.

Birth Certificate - Giuseppe Marvullo (1909)

This wonderful photo of Rosa and Joseph (Giuseppe) was originally shared                        by Elisabeth Villarroel Jan 2016 (Ancestry) It looks like Elisabeth descends off of Joseph’s branch. She has not been back on since posting in Jan. In addition the family spelling has become Marvilli. I will try and reach out to her. In the mean time a big thank you for this fantastic picture and this glimpse into the life of Giovanni’s family.


Not to long after this photo, beautiful Grazia Scarola Marvulli  passed away leaving Giovanni a widower with four young children all under the age of 10. From the document below she was in Hahnemann Hospital from Aug. 25th till she passed on Sept. 1, 1916. I am unable to read the reason for her death however the best I can make out is ‘acute dilation? deterioration? of stomach following … appendectomy?….’                            (Her place of residence was 318 W. 37th St. so it appears they had moved again)

Hahnemann Hospital

You may enjoy reading this wonderful article on the Hahnemann Hospital

Hahnemann Hospital

Rosa Marvulli was buried at Calvary Cemetery Woodside, Queens, new York.

Marvulli - Calvary Cemetery.jpg

It is not hard to imagine Giovanni’s grief with this stone. ‘Erected by Giovanni Marvulli in memory of his wife Graziella Marvulli’….the stone also continues to mark the passing of his second and ‘dear wife’ Maria along with his infant daughter Grace in 1925 and then with his own remembrance. This gravestone tell’s quite a story.

Graziella Marvulli

In my next post I will continue the story of Giovanni and his family after the death of Grazia when he goes on to marry Maria Fazio 6 years later in 1922.