Frank (Francesco) Civitano Nov. 8, 1907 – Nov. 23, 1982

As we enter the holiday season and offer up a prayer on this 2017 Thanksgiving Day…I wanted to take a few moments to remember and honor my grandfather – Frank Civitano. Life truly is so short and memories so precious… memories are within the smiles and photo’s of the past…with out them I would not know him. I never met my grandfather since he passed before I found my birth family. However as I said, through the wonderful photo’s and stories that have been shared with me, as my research reveals and uncovers so many stories and other wonderful information…I have come to a place of really feeling like he truly touched my life in a very real and personal way. Today, the anniversary of his passing, falls on Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for Frank and all my Civitano family that have entered my life with thankfulness that I am a part of their lives.

Frank with his father Vincenzo 


Passport photo returning to New York from Italy 


Frank with his sister Julia 


Frank’s wedding day with his beautiful bride Catherine Langellotti                                          14 Sept. 1929 


With their first child my Aunt Coletta 


My father Vincent has joined the family 


The Iceman ~ Frank Civitano 


I am really not sure of the occasion – their 25th wedding anniversary possibly


The whole family: Coletta, Frank, Joe, Catherine & Vincent 


Frank with his sister Julia 


Frank is played to rest at Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum, Shrine of Memories, Westchester, New York.



In loving memory of my grandfather Francesco Civitano