Filomena Phyllis Tanzillo

It is always difficult to write a post about the passing of a family member. Today is no exception.

Filomena Phyllis Tanzillo – Muller (1924) passed away 16 March, 2018.

Phyllis, known as Mena to those who loved her, was the daughter of Frank Tanzillo   (1895 – 1966) and Erminia Langellotti (1901 -1932).

Phyliss was named after her grandmother Filomena DeLellis – Langellotti. 

Her grandparents Filomena (1878) was born  in San Gregorio, Caserta, Campania. She  married Giuseppe (Joseph) Langellotti (1876) also from San Gregorio, (this is correction on the wrong birth place place first posted for Giuseppe)  on June 9, 1900 in San Gregorio. In 1904 Giuseppe immigrated to the U.S. settling in New York. Soon to follow was his wife Filomena along with daughter Erminia and son Vincenzo James. Giuseppe and Filomena went on to have 5 more children born here in New York.

Phyllis’s mother, Erminia (Emily) was sister to my grandmother Catherine (Kate) Langellotti – Civitano. Their families were intertwined and connected through so much history, shared family living spaces, laughter and tears. It is rich in memories for those that remain.

Phyllis was married on September 10, 1949 to Frederick Muller who preceded her in death along with her sister Angelina Lucy (2004) and brother Bernard (2016)

Filomena Phyllis Tanzillo will be laid at rest at St Raymond’s Cemetery, Bronx, along with many other members of the family, including her parents.

I never had the opportunity to meet Mena or her family, in fact I have not had the opportunity to meet any members of the Langellotti side of my family. But as their stories  were shared with me, names repeated, histories recorded; as with most stories, they begin to take on a life of their own, memories of those ‘who knew’ become memories for me ‘who didn’t know.’

In honor of

Filomena Phyllis Tanzillo – Muller

Forever loved by those who remember