San Gregorio, Casterta, Compania, Italy

I have written quite a bit about the Civitano family from the town of Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy, but very little about the side of the family from San Gregorio, Caserta, Compania, Italy.

San Gregorio Matese is located in the Province of Caserta, in the region of Compania.
It is located in the Regional park of the Matese. The name of the town comes from an ancient Benedictine church dedicated to St. Gregorio. As of 2016 there were 988 residents  in San Gregorio. I was so surprised to find the names listed on a chart from the site below for San Gregorio.

The most common five family names

There are in San Gregorio Matese Surname
77.50 De Lellis
45.00 Fattore
35.00 Boiano
32.50 Mezzullo
30.00 Loffreda

We have DeLellis, Fattore, Loffreda in our tree, making it into the top 5. I had been thinking about this side of the family for some time and felt I wanted to change tracks for a while. In fact, I had actually started this post and had something very odd, no coincidental, no perfectly perfect to confirm I am on the right path with my genealogy research at this time. On ancestry – I had a message yesterday that said “Luigi De Lellis was my grandfather”  nothing more. I immediately wrote back and am hoping to open a dialog with this person.

Luigi De Lellis was my great grandmother Filomena Maria’s brother.

My father’s mother was Catherine Langellotti (1912 N.Y)  one of seven children born to Giuseppe Langellotti (1876) and Filomena De Lellis (1877)  both from San Gregorio, both who would make there way to America to begin a new life here with their family.

7 thoughts on “San Gregorio, Casterta, Compania, Italy

  1. Thank you Amy, I sure hope I hear something back from this match. I would love to one day walk those alley ways in any of the small country side towns, leaning more to Grumo or San Gregorio right now!


  2. Just got home and was blown away with those pics of that little San Giorgio, my grand ma probably once walked. De lellis was a common sur name (everybody thinks that Italian names always end in a vowel) also had a childhood friend named Boiano. Never heard that name again til now. I have a question and possible slight correction, no big deal. Hope you get more from that individual who was related to de lellis…….will call ……………………………….Luv

    On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 11:24 AM, Branches On Our Civitano Family Tree wrote:

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    • Excited to talk with you tomorrow. I had no idea De Lellis was so common or the top name in the town. There are 3 Langellotti’s and I think about 8 De Lellis still in San Gregorio. It sure is something to picture family walking those streets. Much Love S


  3. I loved this visit. Our trip to Italy was our favorite trip ever–for everyone in our family, but especially daughter, husband, and me. Everything about it was so lovely.
    And that is fabulous getting a DNA match like that! I can’t wait to hear more!!!!

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  4. My grandmother is a De Lellis and her mother a Mezzulo. Both born and buried in San Gregorio, Caserta. Who knows! We may be veeery distantly related.

    I found this post whilst browsing the internet and I have to say that I think your interest and research is wonderful. I had no idea no idea De Lellis is such a common name!

    I showed this blog to my father (who is also from San Gregorio) and the posts and pictures really put a smile on both of our faces. Thank you.


    • Hi Rosa- So glad you found the blog and post. I hope you will follow along as I continue with the family story. I would love to hear more on your family and perhaps we can figure out our most probable family connection. That’s wonderful your father enjoyed seeing it too ~ Sharon


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