Hunt For A Killer Part 3

In my hunt for the killer of Vincenzo Civitano, last week I spotted a post on the Facebook page
This is a group that is always a fabulous resource for Jewish genealogy that I have used often for my maternal side. 
The post was sponsored by MyHeritage with a chance to have help with solving a family mystery. Yes, I entered and Yes, please pick me 🙂


Solve your genealogy mystery!

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Do you have a mystery in your family that you are itching to solve? Maybe you’ve found a war medal tucked away in an old box and you don’t know whose it was, or perhaps you found a mysterious locket with initials you don’t recognize. There can be a number of different mysteries that you have ….

4 thoughts on “Hunt For A Killer Part 3

  1. outrageous, what a researcher, I would like to add on to my grandfather dom simone & grandmother rose simone, other info on their children, including my mother Mary Simone, I will send you the info, you def should write a book or tv movie, enjoy reading stories, even thou they are very confusing (names), I only knew Vincent Civitano, his Hungarian wife, and their children, grew up with them, they lived on Theriot ave and my grandparents lived on Beach ave, unfortunately I did not know Vincent civitano’s brothers (perhaps I was very small) I never remember them coming over to Theriot ave or beach ave. Again keep up good work, I don’t know how you do it——-very interesting, I am a little confused about your father & mother Love Rose



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