14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Wedding Bells

  1. Wow! Those are wedding “belles”! That must have been a VERY expensive wedding with all those bridesmaids and groomsmen and all those big bouquets. What year was this? Great photo!

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    • Thank you Phyllis 🙂 (Your so right) That is my Aunt Coletta as the flower girl and my grandfather Frank Civitano standing behind her. I hesitated labeling the photo’s since it is “wordless wednesday”. I am posting wedding photo’s for a while since they are my favorite. This was such a gorgeous wedding party. I see Rita next to her but do not know anyone else.


      • I’ve reached out to cousins on both sides to name all these attendants most of whom were friends of mom and dad. Cousin Richard Langellotti and I are still trying to identify the man next to dad whom I assume was the Best Man- it’s not his brother Jim — maybe Tony? We’ll give you an update …

        And the date was March 1940 — my dad was born, married and died in the month of March…

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  2. Thank You Phyllis ~ I will correct the marriage date in my records. I checked what I do have and it is my error, their ‘license’ was applied for in Feb. and it was not the actual marriage date. The best man was my grandfather Frank Civitano, Catherine’s husband. I believe he is the best man due to what he is wearing, the same white bow tie and his tux is different from the other men too.


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