~ Julia and Angelina Civitano ~ Cousin Connection

Recently I shared the photo below. In the middle is my Great Aunt Julia Civitano married to Nicholas Forese (1930). At the time of the posting, the other two women were unknown to me. Additionally, I had posted that I felt there was a strong resemblance between Julia and the taller woman on the right. 

Cousin Peter Marino to the rescue with an identification ~ always thankful to Peter for his continued help and collaboration with our family history. 

This is Angelina Civitano born November 1, 1909 ~ New York City. She was the oldest daughter of Francesco Civitano and Rose Di’Armiento. Angelina was sister to Peter’s grandmother, Julia. 

Cousin Connection

JuliaC.Foresebathingsuit copy

Angelina, the oldest child of Francesco and Rose was joined by siblings Mary (1911), Louis John (1912), Helen (1914), Dominic John (1920), John Robert (1922) and Julia (1929)

Another favorite family photo ~ Parents Rose and Frank on the left, Lena standing in the back with her husband Salvatore (aka Sam) Vizzo – their two daughters Roseann Galati and Marion, sister Helen & her son Frankie Hardina, Peter’s grandmother Julia, their sister Mary and her husband Tony Gentile along with my grandmother Kate and grandfather Frank Civitano the Iceman.


Family Ties 


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