Passo Corese, Lazio, Italy

According to Wikipedia Passo Corese is an Italian town and hamlet (frazione) of Fara in Sabina, a municipality in the province of Rieti, Lazio. In 2011 it had a population of 3,573.[1

Back in 2015 I was contacted by Damiano and Sara of Passo Corese, Italy. They were doing family research and discovered my tree on Ancestry. This led them to contact me, connecting us as very distant cousins off of our Marvulli family branch. Over the years we have remained in touch and while I know no Italian and they English, with the help of Google translate and Facebook we have remained in touch. According to Ancestry Damiano is the 2nd great nephew of the wife of my 2nd great uncle. Thank goodness for Ancestry because I really have no idea how we got to that. In an attempt to explain the connection I will try and simplify it as best I can.

Vito Francesco Scarola  married Antonia Colavito  (everyone comes from Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy)

on July 2, 1836 Antonia gave birth to Rocco Scarola 

on November 16, 1865 Rocco married Anna Lucia Panzarino 

Rocco and Anna had a daughter Grazia b. 20 Nov 1879  and a son Pasquale b.13 June 1884  (they had 8 additional children born Grazia, Grazia, Vitantonio, Vito, Vito, Giuseppe, Antonia, and Anna Maria) but it is off of Grazia and Pasquale that we connect.

Grazia Scarola married Giovanni (John) Marvulli on 30 Nov. 1901. John was brother to my great grandmother Nicoletta Marvulli. Nicoletta married Vincenzo Civitano, they had Francesco, my grandfather, who married Catherine Langellotti, who had my father Vincent.

Pasquale Scarola married Isabella Guerrieri. They had Anna Scarola who married Giuseppe Capone who had Lorenza Capone who married Cosimo Sisto who had Damiano, the 2nd great nephew of the wife of my 2nd great uncle

And so our legacy and family history connects and continues.





3 thoughts on “Passo Corese, Lazio, Italy

  1. That is one very long chain connecting you two! How wonderful that you correspond in Italian/English. I’d love to have an Italian penpal to practice my very rusty and very limited Italian.

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