Langellotti Connected ~ Can you Identify Us?

For Wordless Wednesday this week I shared this 1939 photo which included family members of my Langellotti family. Unable to be identified is the gentlemen on the right, the woman to his left and young boy below him. There is a group of three photo’s that were taken on this day, and I have included them in this posting below.

1 copy

Above left to right back : my grandmother Katie Civitano (aka Catherine Langellotti), her sister Rita Stalupi (Langellotti), Teresa Langellotti (Venerose -wife of Arthur Frank Langellotti, Katie and Rita’s brother) Front: Vincent Civitano (my father) my great grandmother Filomena Langellotti (DeLellis), and Bernard Tanzillo (son of their sister Emily langellotti Tanzillo, deceased)

KatieColetta,Vinny3unknown copy

Included in this photo above with the three unknown individuals is Katie, my grandmother, Vincent, my father and  Katie’s daughter, my Aunt Coletta.

Below, Filomena poses with ?


I have been in contact with my Uncle Joe, only surviving child of Katie and he has no idea who they are. I have also been in contact with a cousin, Phyllis, daughter of Teresa and she also can not identify this family.


Can you help identify this family?

5 thoughts on “Langellotti Connected ~ Can you Identify Us?

  1. I definitely think it’s the same little boy and same man in all three photos and would assume ithey are both family members since they appear with your great-grandmother. The boy is close in age to your father, which should narrow down the possibilities. It also looks like Katie in all three photos. So could this be her brother? A cousin?

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    • Totally agree it is the same man and little boy, like the idea of the age for the boy close to my father for id ing. Funny you thought it look liked Kate in all the pics. I saw such similarities in the woman and really thought it was a sister of Kates but my uncle and cousin don’t believe so. Appreciate your input with this especially seeing the striking resemblance between the two woman.

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  2. This man resembles my Uncle ROCCO WHICH I KNOW IS NOT HIM, I AM Just saying I see a great resemblance to my Uncle Rocco Simone, son of Dominick Simone who was married to Rosa Civitano Rocco was their son.

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