Angelina Civitano nee Marvulli Remembered

I am honoring Angelina Civitano as I remember and recognize her on the anniversary of her passing of February 23, 1958 (I am a few days late but forgiven I am sure)


Above is the only known photo of Angelina Marvulli born the 16th of January 1859 in Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy. She lived one year shy of her 100th birthday passing on February 23, 1958, Bronx, New York. She was laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York, Summit Plot, Range 38, Grave 63.

Civitano - The Woodlawn Cemetery

Angelina was the daughter of Domenico Marvulli and Rosa D’Armiento. Both of her parents were born and passed in their home village of Grumo Appula, Italy. The oldest daughter and child of 13 born to Rosa, Angelina went on to marry Vito Luigi Civitano. Vito and Angelina immigrated to New York where they remained, prospered and raised a family of 7 children. I have written quite a bit about this branch of the Civitano family.

Off by a few days, I wanted to make mention of Angelina on the blog and bring her forward and remembered as not much is known about her by myself and no other known pictures of her has yet to be found by family I have been in contact with. It is always my hope that through the blog additional information and photo’s will be found and preserved.

Angelina was my 2x great aunt as well as the wife of my 2x great uncle. In other words Angelina was the sister of my great grandmother Nicoletta Marvulli who married Vincenzo Civitano. Vincenzo was brother of Vito Luigi who married Angelina 🙂

Angelina was 86 years old when her husband Vito Luigi passed away in 1945. Prior to this in the 1940 c they were living on their own at 634 Taylor Ave., Bronx. A question for me was what happened and where did Angelina reside after 1945 up until her passing?

In her life time Angelina had experienced the pain and heartache of the death of 14 family members. She had lost 2 brothers and 4 sisters born prior to marring in 1882 in Grumo. Before immigrating to New York she would bury her father, another brother and a daughter. Once here in America she would lose 2 more daughters before losing her husband in 1945, then her sister Rita Marvulli married to Gaetano Caso passed away. followed by her son Vincenzo (James) in 1954 at the age of 57.

The photo of Angelina came from this photo for the Jr High School Graduation of my Aunt Coletta Civitano (center). Behind her is her mother (grandmother) Kate and to her left is her father (grandfather) Frank. You can see Angelina peeking out between Frank and Coletta in the back  (this photo is about 1945)

ColettaGraduationJrH copy


Rest in Peace Angelina 



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