Remembering Vincent Civitano Jr.


Vincent (Vinny Daze) Civitano Jr.

7 July 1967 Bronx, N.Y. ~ 11 March 1996 Bronx, N.Y.

Today I remember my brother Vincent who passed away at the age of 28. Although I never met him, he passed before I met my birth family, I know him through the pictures and stories shared with me by my family.

Vinny7 copy

I know him through his artistry as a sought after Tattoo Artist.

Vinny17 copy

I know him through his art work.


I know him as a musician and member of the band Demolition Hammer.  I can feel his pulse and zest for life through the beat of his drums and through listening to their music on you tube.


I know him by the words and memories shared by his fans.

Vinny13 copy

I know him through the sweetness of these photos.

Vinny11 copy

I know him in the face of my daughter who’s resemblance to her Uncle is striking.

I know him in the mannerism’s and gestures of his brothers, my brothers.

I see him in their eyes reflected back at me.

I know him through his Mom who has anchored us together and accepted me as hers.

I know him through my Uncle who so willingly shares and reflects unconditionally.

Today I whisper ~ I love and miss you ~

May his memory be a blessing and a comfort to all who knew him.





13 thoughts on “Remembering Vincent Civitano Jr.

    • Hello – I am not really sure where the photo was taken but I can try and find out. My guess it is over in Europe – Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂


  1. I am a big fan of DEMOLITION HAMMER. Vinny was the best drummer in heavy metal music. You’d pride of him. He was a really talented man. I cant believe he died at 28 years old. So young, so sad.
    Thank you for the story of your brother.

    Américo. From Argentina.

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  2. Hi cousin absolutely beautiful as usual since Vinnie’s birthday is in a few days I’ve been looking at pics when he was really young and laughing and crying -he was handsome talented sweet intelligent deep and hysterical – I miss him so much and I pray to him to ask him for strength as I battle my kidney disease-he will b missed always-I hope I will c him again one day❤️💋love cousin Karen

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