Nicoletta Civitano, Another Twist In Her Story

A wrench was thrown into the works when this Immigration card was discovered by my cousin Isabella a week ago and forwarded to me. Innocent enough, however a name on this card was a shock. Nicola (often seen for her name Nicoletta, Marvulli (her maiden name), Civitano (1st marriage name to Vincenzo Civitano) missing from this document is her 2nd marriage to Gisdoni, and then the name Palumbo?


Nicoletta, born in Grumo Appula, returned to Italy from her home in NYC (abt1910) when her husband Vincenzo was murdered. Once there, family was aware of her second marriage to a man named Nicholas Gisondi. While no other information is known about him, we do know he existed as both my grandfather Frank and his sister Julia (Giuditta) lived with him until their return.

Always believed to be a photo of Nicoletta with Nicholas Gisondi

Nicoletta&Gisondi copy

But now add the name of Palumbo to the mix, who and why was Palumbo added to this card for her? Had there been a 3rd marriage no one was a ware of?

A check for her passenger record in conjunction with this also turned up the name of Palumbo being used. In this passenger record from, she returned aboard the Vulcania, using the name Palumbo, departing from Naples and arriving on the 22 Sept., 1947, traveling to her son Frank @ 1244 Rosedale Ave., Bronx, N.Y. (last entry on page)



I have been in contact with cousin Peter Marino in regards to doing some more research on this development. (With the closure of the archives it will have to wait.)

Just another twist and turn, another family mystery.

A random thought…could Palumbo be the maiden name of Gisondi’s mother? Was there a naming custom that would allow for this too be used?

2 thoughts on “Nicoletta Civitano, Another Twist In Her Story

  1. That’s intriguing! I’d guess another marriage, perhaps to a man she either left behind or who had died. Or maybe your hunch about a naming tradition will explain it. Good luck!

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