Guy T Caso and Elizabeth Panacciulli

It was March of 2020 that I wrote a number of posts highlighting the family of Michael Caso and his wife Rosa DiGirolamo. Michael was the son of Rita Marvulli (sister of my great grandmother Nicoletta Marvulli) and her husband Gaetano Caso. Gaetano and Rita immigrated from Grumo Appula, Italy with their three children (all born in Grumo) to begin their new lives here.

Michael and Rosa’s children were, Rita, Guy T. (Gaetano) and Vita. In this posting I am highlighting Guy T. (Gaetano) with a few photo’s shared with me courtesy of his son. Below are engagement party highlights of Guy T. and Elizabeth Panacciulli. They applied for their wedding license on 23 Aug, 1947 and were married on the 14th of September.

1947 – Standing left-right: Michael Caso, Antonio Panacciulli Seated left-right: Rosa (DiGirolamo), Guy T. Caso, Elizabeth Panacciulli, Antoinette (Albanese) Panacciulli, Angelo D’Attoma and a hint of Giuseppe Marvulli
left-right: Mary Lingo, Lena Mancini, Elizabeth, Guy T., Giuseppe Marvulli

I am adding three additional photo’s to the original posting that Guy sent to me. These are unlabeled photo’s although a few people are recognizable. I love seeing everyone celebrating and enjoying.

Standing center: Joseph Panacciulli arm around Antoinette, Pauline directly in front of Jospeh is his wife, to Paulines left is Nicoli Panacciulli, his wife, Antoinette is to Paulines right. Next to Nicoli, Gennaro Panacciulli (another brother) and an adorable Gennaro Panacciulli son of Joseph and Pauline. (ID courtesy Louis Panacciulli)

28th Street, Long Island City home of Michael Caso where the reception took place

Guy T. Caso and Elizabeth (Panacciulli) Caso

Photo Courtesy of the Guy Caso Family

11 thoughts on “Guy T Caso and Elizabeth Panacciulli

  1. I really think you could put together a book of just wedding photographs. It would be so interesting to compare and contrast all the different styles of clothing as well as the attitudes and faces of the people. You have such an amazing collection!

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  2. Hi Sharon.
    The photo posted of my parents engagement party ….the woman left to right
    1. Mary Longo
    2. Lena Mancini ( my godmother )

    I have all my parents photos ( originals ) from days gone by. When I have some down time , I will look through them and forward any I think might be of interest with details. Hope you are well. Will be in touch
    Warmest regards
    Linda Caso- Conte

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  3. In the third picture, the gentleman standing with his arm around Antoinette is my father, Joseph Panacciulli (1st cousin to Elizabeth). My mother, Pauline is seated directly in front of him. Seated on my mother’s left is Nicoli, Antonio’s brother. Nicoli’s wife, also Antoinette, is seated on my mother’s right. Next to Nicoli is Gennaro, another brother of Antonio and is my father’s father (my grandfather). Next to him is my older brother Gennaro, whom we called Jerry. He passed away in 2005. I also have an older sister, Elissa who was barely a year old when this picture was taken and was probably home with my maternal grandmother. I am the youngest. Guy Jr. shared these wonderful pictures with me. Very beautifully done.

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