A Ferncliff Cemetery Visit

A big thank you to my brother Frank Civitano and our 1st cousin Karen Nordone nee Oliveri for visiting Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum in Westchester County, N.Y. yesterday, where so many of our family members are laid to rest. As my brother wrote ‘for the blog sis’ and so for the blog it is.

My grandparents Francesco Civitano and Catherine Langellotti

Karen’s mother, my Aunt Colette (Nicoletta) is laid to rest by her parents along with her partner Joseph Puglia

Along with Frank and Catherine in the same row are 3 of Catherine’s siblings

Not at Ferncliff, but I wanted to include for this posting are Catherine’s three other siblings, Emily, Margaret and Anthony

Anthony Francis (Antonio) Langellotti 1909 – 1958 was married to Maria Visaggi – Anthony is at rest at St. Raymonds, Bronx. Maria later went on and remarried.

Margaret (Immacolata) Langellotti 1907 – 1983 married John Leone – They too are both at Ferncliff.

Emily (Erminia Maria) Langellotti and her husband Frank (Francesco) Tanzillo at St Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx

And I must include at St. Raymonds Cemetery the parents (in order of age oldest to youngest) Emily, Vincent, Margaret, Anthony, Catherine, Rita, & Arthur

Also at St Raymonds Cemetery is Joseph’s brother Angelo

Angelo Antonio & his wife Caterina Bocchio

Laid to rest at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens is Joseph and Angelo’s brother

Theodore Langellotti 1864 – 1934 and his wife Philomena 1868 – 1946

Before changing branches I need to add my father Vincent and my brother Vincent both laid to rest at St. Raymonds

Back at Ferncliff and the photo sent to me, off of the Vito Luigi Civitano branch, is Domenico (Dominic) Civitano and his wife Jenny (Giovanna) Maggio and two sons Onofrio and Michael.

Dominic and Jenny also have two other son’s laid to rest at Ferncliff in a different section.

Son Frank Joseph ( Francesco) 1915 – 1996 and his wife Jean (Vincenza) Cancellieri 1919 – 2011

Son James Vincent 1919 – 1970 and his wife Viola Marie Gioia 1918 – 2007

Daughter Angelina 1909 – 2003 is laid to rest at Eglington Cemetery in Clarksboro, N.J. along with her husband Carmine (Carmelo) Paglia 1905 – 2003

Son Louis James (Vito Luigi) 1911 – 1994 is laid to rest at Glendale Cemetery, Bloomfield, N.J. his wife was Madeline Mary (2nd) Lasorella 1917 – 2002 and she died in Dallas, Texas

The last son to mention was Dominick (Domenico) Civitano 1913 – 1991 and he is laid to rest in Long Island National Cemetery

Before I close this posting, I wanted to mention the parents of Filomena DeLellis married to Joseph Langellotti (seen above) – both her parents immigrated and are laid to rest here in the states. Her father Francesco Saverio DeLellis 1827 – 1908 was laid to rest in Johnston, Rhode Island and his wife Caterina Loffreda 1851 – 1918 is at St Raymond’s.

While this was originally meant to reflect those at Ferncliff adding all of the family felt most appropriate for this posting.

If there are other family members at Ferncliff that I have missed, I would love for you to share this information with me.

Langellotti Connected ~ Can you Identify Us?

For Wordless Wednesday this week I shared this 1939 photo which included family members of my Langellotti family. Unable to be identified is the gentlemen on the right, the woman to his left and young boy below him. There is a group of three photo’s that were taken on this day, and I have included them in this posting below.

1 copy

Above left to right back : my grandmother Katie Civitano (aka Catherine Langellotti), her sister Rita Stalupi (Langellotti), Teresa Langellotti (Venerose -wife of Arthur Frank Langellotti, Katie and Rita’s brother) Front: Vincent Civitano (my father) my great grandmother Filomena Langellotti (DeLellis), and Bernard Tanzillo (son of their sister Emily langellotti Tanzillo, deceased)

KatieColetta,Vinny3unknown copy

Included in this photo above with the three unknown individuals is Katie, my grandmother, Vincent, my father and  Katie’s daughter, my Aunt Coletta.

Below, Filomena poses with ?


I have been in contact with my Uncle Joe, only surviving child of Katie and he has no idea who they are. I have also been in contact with a cousin, Phyllis, daughter of Teresa and she also can not identify this family.


Can you help identify this family?

In Memory of Giuseppe Luigi Langellotti

Giuseppe Luigi Langellotti known as Joseph was my great grandfather. I have written about him before, his life, his family but today I honor and remember him on the anniversary of his passing. From his humble beginnings in San Gregorio, Caserta, Campania, Italy to his home and life in the Bronx, New York, he raised his family and lived his dream.

Giuseppe Luigi Langellotti 

20 March 1876 ~ 6 April 1947 

Joseph was the son of Vincenzo Langellotti and Maria Maddalena Ferritto both of San Gregorio, Italy. He was one of three (known) son’s born to his parents. Angelo Antonio (1870), Joseph (1876) and Theodore who I have not researched or have any information on at this time.

Overshadowed by his father’s death on 13 Dec. 1899, Joseph married Filomena DeLellis (also from San Gregorio) on 9 June 1900. Their first child, Ermina Maria (Emily) was born in 1901 followed by son Vincenzo Gregorio (Vincent James).

Times were difficult in San Gregorio and all over southern Italy. Joseph’s brother Angelo had already left for a new start in America and Joseph deciding now was his time to set sail, left Filomena and his two young children and joined brother Angelo.

A shoemaker at that time he sailed on the SS Prinz Adalbert he arrived on 22 June 1904.


By 1907 his wife and two children had joined him. News of his mother Maria’s passing in 1909 must have touched him deeply, now both his parents were gone. With Joseph and Angelo here and not knowing what had become of his brother Theodore yet, I like to believe that Maria passed with at least one of her sons still at home.

I was unable to find either Joseph or Angelo in the 1905 census finding them first in 1910. Living at 290 E. 149th St., the Bronx, Joseph (34) was no longer working as a shoemaker but was now a laborer in the building trade. Filomena had given birth to two more children, Immacolata (Margaret) (1907), and Antonio (Anthony) (1909). Living with them was brother Angelo also working in the same trade along with 2 male boarders, Marchese Deleiso and Vincenzo Ingo working in the same trade.


Sometime between 1910 and 1915 Angelo had sent for his wife and children to join him.  But on Dec. 28, 1915, tragedy struck with the death of Angelo at the age of 39 leaving his wife Catherine Bocchino a widow with four children, Nicola, Maria, Angelica, and John. This must have been a very sad time for the whole family as Joseph and Angelo seemed to be extremely close-knit.

Then with his own growing family, Joseph moved a few blocks away to 283 E. 149th Street. By 1920 my grandmother Catherine had joined the family along with the birth of Rita Lucy and Arthur Frank. Joseph was supporting them as a street cleaner for the city now.


Doing very well during this time he purchased a home at 1141 Croes Ave. He was no longer a street cleaner but was working as scowman on the docks.  The value of his home was listed at $18,000 on the 1930 c.


I like to think of this time as a heyday for this family. My grandmother had recently married her husband Frank Civitano and was living with them along with her sister Margaret who had married John Leone. Sister Emily was married to Frank Tanzillo and their three children were also at the same address. Not far from them was grandfather Frank Civitano’s Uncle, Frank Civitano and his wife Rose DiArmiento at 1129 Croes Ave., with 5 of their children, Louis, Helen, Dominick, John, and Julia, along with their married daughter Lena and her husband Sal Vizzo,  Mary and her husband Anthony Gentile.

But the happiness did not last, 1932 brought the tragic death of their daughter Emily. I have written quite extensively about Emily’s story before. By 1935  the Croes St. house was sold and the family moved again to 1114 Metcalf.  No longer working on the docks, Joseph was now employed as a window trimmer. It is interesting to note too that Joseph had only a 4th-grade education and yet he came, he saw and he prospered.

Tragedy struck in 1942, 10 years after Emily’s death when his wife Filomena (65) passed away.

For the children of Filomena and Joseph Langellotti, tragedy struck again, this time with the passing of their beloved father Joseph on April 6th, 1947. He was 71.


May His, Their Memory Be A Blessing

Langellotti, Joseph

They were laid to rest at St Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx, New York




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In Memory of Catherine Saccoccio nee DeLellis

In Memory of 

Catherine Saccoccio nee DeLellis 

7 October 1912 Rhode Island ~ 3 February 1938, Cranston, Rhode Island

Daughter of Luigi DeLellis and Annunziata Cordini

Catherine is at rest in the St Anne Cemetery in Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island


May Her Memory Be A Blessing 


Catherine was one of nine children born to her parents. With the exception of a brother, Francesco b. 1908 d. 1909, she was the first in her family to pass away, and at the young age of 26. I  can find no record or mention as to the cause of her death but whether it was from a natural cause, sickness or accident it was a tragedy. Married in 1935 to Anthony Saccoccio, Catherine passed just 2 years later. Prior to her death, 2 children had been born. A son Louis, and a daughter named Madeline who would later marry Robert Frank Montaquila. I have written about the family in an earlier post where I detailed a newspaper article for Madeline.  The article sited Madeline, the daughter of the late Catherine DeLellis Saccoccio.

In the 1940 census, I found father Anthony (son) with 2 children Louis 7 (grandson ) and Madeline 6 (granddaughter) living with his parents Louis (64) and Madeline (67) along with 2 sister’s and a brother at 15 Randall St., Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island. Anthony was working as a mould maker. An earlier 1935 census for Anthony lists him as married, living at 12 Knight St., Cranston working as a toolmaker in Jewelry Factory. I also found the 1935 census for Catherine at the same address. Interesting to me is the Rhode Island 1935 census is recorded on an individual punch type of card, like one might use in the older fashion of voting.


In Memory of

Vera Mosca nee DeLellis 

25 January 1917 Cranston, Rhode Island ~ 5 February 1987 San Bernardino, California 

Daughter of Luigi DeLellis and Annunziata Cordini 

Vera is at rest at Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, California


May Her Memory Be A Blessing 


Vera was a younger sister of Catherine. She was married by 1935 to Louis Mosca. Beyond that, I know very little about Vera nor was I able any information on Vera. Both Vera and Catherine were my first cousin 2x removed.




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In Memory of Erminia Langellotti and Nicoletta Marvulli

In Memory of 

Erminia Maria (Emily) Langellotti 

4 March 1901 San Gregorio, Caserta, Italy ~ 1 February 1932 Bronx, New York 

Daughter of Giuseppe Luigi Langellotti and Filomena DeLellis

I have told the story of Emily Tanzillo before.  Her life ended tragically at age 31, leaving her husband Frank Tanzillo with 3 young children to raise. He was given considerable help and a roof over their heads with her sister Katie, husband Frank Civitano and their family. Emily is buried at St Raymond’s Cemetery (new) in the Bronx along with her husband Frank Tanzillo and great-granddaughter Dorine Falantano.

Tanzillo, Frank

Rest in Peace



In Memory of

Nicoletta Civitano nee Marvulli

10 September 1877, Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy ~ 2 February 1962

Daughter of Domenico Marvulli and Rosa D’Armiento




Nicoletta was my great grandmother. Arriving in 1906 at age 29 she joined her husband Vincenzo Civitano who was already here. Their first child, a boy was born in 1907 followed by a daughter in July of 1909. Happiness was short-lived as Vincenzo was murdered Oct 12, 1909. After a trial, Nicoletta returned to their home town of Grumo Appula with infant daughter Julia and son Frank, then 2. Not much is known about her life back in Italy. She did remarry a gentleman named Nicholas Gisondi. Details of this marriage are sparse. It is believed he too was a widower with children. Nicoletta’s children returned to New York in 1923, living with the family of Frank and Rose Civitano. Frank was his 1st cousin, son of his father’s brother. After the death of her second husband, Nicoletta returned herself, making her home with her daughter Julia and her family.  Nicoletta is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California



May Their Memory Be A Blessing 

Love, Murder and Heartbreak

This post will tell the story of Erminia Maria (Emily) Tanzillo nee Langellotti, my great aunt, sister to my grandmother Katherine Civitano nee Langellotti.

In my last few post I had concentrated on my great grandmother, Filomena Langellotti nee DeLellis and her husband, my great grandfather Joseph (Giuseppe Luigi) Langellotti  both from San Gregorio, Caserta, Italy. I had outlined and given a brief history of each of their seven children, Emily, Vincent James, Margaret, Anthony, my grandmother Katherine, Rita Lucy and Arthur Frank. With much love for the memory of Emily I would like to spend some time and share the story of this great aunt and oldest daughter of Filomena and Joseph; Emily (Erminia Maria) Langellotti. Her life tells a tale of love, betrayal, murder, heart break as well as an error in time that has been often glamorized but is far from that. The scars left behind are real effecting the generations to come.

Emily was born on March 4, 1901 at 10:00am in San Gregorio, Italy. The street and house number is listed as 58 Via Matese. Google earth does not enter that road but I have asked my cousin Anne to try and get a photo for me on her up coming visit to Italy if she is able to get to San Gregorio.

Birth Certificate of Erminia Maria Langellotti 

Birth Certificate - Erminia Maria Langellotti p.1

Birth Certificate - Erminia Maria Langellotti p.2Birth Certificate - Erminia Maria Langellotti p.3

Emily’s brother, Vincent James was born next on May 12, 1903. By 1904 their father Joseph had left for America arriving in June. He set off on the task of working and securing a place for his family that would arrive 2 years later in 1906.


By 1917 five more children were added to the family, all born in New York. Emily was 15 when the last sibling, Arthur Frank was born.  The 1915 New York census indicated that Emily was in school. On the January 1920 census she was working as a shirt operator in a factory.

On February 20, 1920 at the Bronx Borough Hall Emily Langellotti (19) wed Frank Tanzillo (24). Frank (Francesco) was the son of Bernardo Tanzillo and Angelina Coccera.


Marriage Certificate - Frank

Marriage Certificate - Frank -2

Three children followed with the oldest, Angelina Lucy (1921), Filomena known as Phyllis (1926) and Bernard (1930).  In 1930 Frank Tanzillo was working as a brick layer, the same profession as his father. Their address was 1141 Croes Ave. Bronx, where they were living with Emily’s parents, along with sister Margaret who had married John Leone and my grandmother Katherine who had married Frank Civitano.

Emily with Angelina and Filomena, pregnant with Bernard

EmilyLangellotti copy


Also living on Croes at 1129 was Frank and Rose Civitano. This Frank Civitano (my 1st cousin 2x removed) was my grandfather Frank’s favorite cousin although more of an Uncle to him. He was also the sponsor of Frank and sister Julia on their return (1923) from Italy as teenagers. Living with Frank and Rose were all of their children along with daughter Lena who was now married to Salvatore Vizzo and daughter Mary married to Anthony Gentile. (I would like to make a special mention of their daughter Julia Bianca nee Civitano, who recently passed away – you are loved and remembered) The importance of this mention of this family branch is that these families were extremely close knit and bonded. They too must have been deeply affected by the impending event.

Tragedy was building and by 1932 the happiness of the family was shattered and forever altered.

Emily apparently had a fondest for gangsters. In all fairness I am not sure that is correct or if it should be she had a fondness for a man who was a gangster. In any event she was caught in the crossfire in the conflict between Mad Dog Coll, Dutch Schultz and Lucky Luciano.

When I had first heard about this story of Emily, I was compelled to get to the bottom of it. Very few details had remained as the story was a sad one and one that was not talked about or passed down with any detail. A good 10 years past now, I set out to learn what had happened to Emily.  The following is the original newspaper article I located.

Daily News Thursday, February 2, 1932




A Bronx stronghold of Vincent Coll was turned into a shambles last night. Standing in the doorway of an apartment at 1216 Commonwealth Ave., four torpedo men ruthlessly shot down two woman and four men whom they found lingering over dinner. Three were killed outright – one woman and two men. All others were wounded one of the men probably fatally. It was apparently Dutch Schultz’s response to Coll’s recent “call to arms” a summons which resulted in the arrest of Coll, his bride and two of his ace trigger men on Jan 11th. For the apartment where the shooting occurred is a known rendezvous of Coll and his lieutenants, at least one of which died in last nights massacre. He was Pasquale Del Greco, 32, alias Patsy Dugan. The other dead was Emily Tarrizello, 32, of 1141 Ave., Bronx. (let me stop here and say that the family purposefully gave the incorrect last name at the time. Also note that the street name of Croes was left off the address too) Fiore Basile, 33, a known killer and burglar and brother of Michael Basile, one of Colls most trusted mobsters. Basile and Miss Tarrizello were said to have been sweethearts. The wounded are: Mrs Lena Vineiguerra who’s only address police reported as 15th St. shot in the arm. Joseph Parrone, 19, who lives in the rear of the apartment where the shooting occurred, who was shot in the arm. Luis Basile, brother of brother of Fiore who was shot in the heart and the right arm. Little hope was held for his recovery at Fordham hospital where he and Mrs Vineiguerra were held last night.  (Children in next room) Parrone who who was taken to Bathgate Station after he had been treated at Fordham told police that his father, who is deaf, was asleep in an adjoining room when the fusillade was fired. In the same room were Parrone’s two younger brothers age 6 and 3. Neither they nor his father were hurt. although slugs from the murderer’s .45 caliber ? pockmarked the walls and splintered furniture in both the dining room and living room. The article goes on to say that the apartment belonged to Mrs Margaret Zaccardi, the sister of the Basile brothers. The article also goes on to say that One of the children in the apartment, unschooled in the ways of gangland, ran to the corner of Westchester Ave. informed a policeman that “men were shooting upstairs” That was the official knowledge of the affair although occupants of near by houses and heard the fusillade and screams. None could be found however who would say they saw the killers.

  • an addition to this original posting, more articles have been downloaded to newspaper.com that have the name of Emily recorded correctly (Tanzillo)

Coll was expected to be present at the apartment and the main target of this hit. Unfortunately he had not arrived yet. From what I have read, the hit man had not actually known what Coll looked like and was unaware he was not among those gathered when he began firing. Coll was successfully killed a few days later on Feb 8th, 1932 (which is my birth day)

This was the original accounting of the event that took place. From the article, to me, it is unclear which of the Basile brothers Emily might have been seeing, was it Fiorie or Michael? What I do know is that the family knew about Emily and what she was doing and was upset over her ‘going out’. She would say she was going to play cards. I can not even begin to imagine the turmoil and heart ache that was felt in the home prior to and after this event that would alter their lives forever.

Death Certificate of Emily Tanzillo

notice spelling of first name which I have seen before 

Death Certificate - Amelia Tanzillo p.1

Death Certificate - Amelia Tanzillo p.2

Frank Tanzillo and his children would remain with Emily’s parents, Filomena (63) and Joseph (64) into the 1940’s with a move to the home at 1114 Metcalfe Ave., Bronx on the 1940 census. My grandparents Frank (33) and Katherine (27) also had moved with them. My father Vincent (5) Coletta (9) were now born. On this 1940 census Frank Tanzillo (44) widowed, listed as son-in-law had no work listed. He had worked 10 weeks in 1939 with an income of $500, granddaughter Angelina (18) was working as a operator telephone company, and their was Phyllis (16) and Bernard (10). In addition, Frank Tanzillo’s brother Louis and wife Anna was also living in the house next door with their children Angela and Bernard.

Frank Tanzillo would go on to live another twenty four years with out Emily. This was a difficult post for me to write about. There is of course more to this story that needs not be shared or remembered. The important thing is to remember that she was a daughter, a sister, a wife and mother. She was loved and missed and remembered. It was important to me that this story not be lost as it is part of who we were and are.

Rest in Peace Emily and Frank Tanzillo 

Tanzillo, Frank



A simple google search for Mad Dog Coll will yield quite a few articles on him and the event that took place.


Vincenzo DeLellis: husband of Maria Carmella Iannetti

The oldest and only known child of Francesco and his first wife Anna ( LNU) DeLellis was son Vincenzo DeLellis. Records for Vincenzo seem to be spotty with few documents found but I was able to form  a reasonable time line for him from the little I do have.

Born about 1863 in San Gregorio, Casterta, Italy, Vincenzo arrived sometime in 1885 according to the 1900c, this would have made him about 22 years old. I have not been able to find an immigration record for him.

*A possible first record for Vincenzo that I did find was the 1890 birth record for his first child, a daughter, Philomena. This is an interesting record in that all the names seem to have been misspelled. Carmella as Carmena has a 2nd name looking like Yonet (?) and Vincenzo’s occupation was stone cutter, an occupation I never saw reference to again. I have looked at this record numerous times and have debated if this is truly the family. Following the trail of the birth date March 31, 1890 and of the known information from census to marriage to her death record, I have concluded this is most likely a correct record.  The birthdate on the death record corresponds with the birth record.

Please check below for the birth record. I also found the marriage notation that mentions Vincenzo and added Philomena’s death record. 


Marriage Record

Name Pietro Nicoletti
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 06 Mar 1910
Event Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Gender Male
Age 20
Birth Year (Estimated) 1890
Father’s Name Francesco
Mother’s Name Maria
Spouse’s Name Filomena Palma Delellis
Spouse’s Gender Female
Spouse’s Age 19
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated) 1891
Spouse’s Father’s Name Vincenzo
Spouse’s Mother’s Name Maria C.
Citing this Record”Rhode Island Town Marriages Index, 1639-1916,” database, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:F8VG-WXL : accessed 9 May 2018), Pietro Nicoletti and Filomena Palma Delellis, 06 Mar 1910; citing Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States, town halls, Rhode Island, and Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence; FHL microfilm 565.

Death Record

Philomena Nicoletti
SSN: 023-18-8428
Last Residence:
01510 Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
BORN: 31 Mar 1890
Died: Dec 1966
State (Year) SSN issued: Massachusetts (Before 1951)
Source InformationTitleRhode Island, Marriage Index, 1851-1920AuthorAncestry.comPublisherAncestry.com Operations IncPublisher Date2000Publisher LocationProvo, UT, USA

In the 1900 census record Vincenzo was living in Rhode Island, working as a farmer.  Here again his last name had been misspelled and written as James Daily (37). James is a common nick name for Vincenzo. He was married to Maria Carmella, recorded as Malley born abt 1865 (35). It stated they had been married for 15 years. If the year of immigration is accurate, they had just married prior to Vincenzo leaving Italy, with Maria following about 2 years later.  I do not have information for her parents nor have I found an immigration record for her. The census also tells us that he owned his home at 27 Peck Hill Rd, Providence, he could read, write and spoke English. Maria did not speak English nor could she read and write.



In the 1900c the family consisted of 5 children and (1 deceased) From the children and their birth states I was able to track Vincenzo’s early beginnings. It appears after arriving he started out close to Delaware since his first child was born in Delaware 1890, by 1891 he had moved down to Philadelphia, PA. By 1894 he had moved his growing family back to Delaware and by 1896 they had moved to Rhode Island where they would remain.

At home at 27 Peck Hill Road address, was first child Philomena/Mamie (10) born March 1890, Del., followed by Mary (8) Dec. 1891, Phil. PA, Tomaso/Tommy (6) Apr. 1894, Del., Marcus Francesco/Frank(4)  Apr., 1896, R.I., Benedetto/Benjamin (2) Mar. 1898, R.I., Annie (3/12)  Mar. 1900, R.I.. A few years later in 1904 daughter Clara A. was born, living a short time, passing away in 1905.

By 1910 the family had moved to 503 Union Ave, Providence, R.I.. Vincenzo was no longer farming  but working as a millsman/business. Maria, recorded Carmella on this census was working as a spinner in a worsted mill.  This census also says Vincenzo had his papers for naturalizing. I am still at a loss for finding immigration or naturalization records for him.

By 1910 daughter Philomena/Mamie (20) was married to Peter Nicoletti (20), living in Worcester, MA with his parents. Peter worked as a moulder in a foundry and Mamie was a folder in an envelope shop. Still at home with Vincenzo and Maria was Maria (18), Marco Francesco/Frank (14), Benedetto/Benjamin (12), Anna (8) and now Vincenza (3). Tommy was no longer listed. He would have been 16. I have had no luck finding a death record or a record to match his birth date.  A year later in 1911 daughter Maria T. would join the family only to pass away in the same year.

Living next door to Vincenzo and his family in 1910,  was his brother Luigi DeLellis (30) who had arrived in 1902. He was living at 504 Union Ave with his wife Nunziatina/Annunziata (32) Italy, daughter Antonetta (7) Italy, Marica (5) R.I. and a son (9/12) R.I.. His profession was cobbler in a shoemakers shop although the census indicates Luigi was out of work and had been for past 24 months.  Living with them was boarder Giuseppe Posidorio (36), cobbler in his own shop. I wonder if Luigi had worked for him?

Also living in area were other DeLellis  families. From the city directories for 1898 Providence/Johnston I found living there: Giovanni at 34 Minerva; Pietro and Tomaso  living at 44 Ethan. All three occupations were listed as laborer. By the 1904 directory Alessandro had joined them and was living with Giovanni  at 512 Union Ave, Giuseppe was at 24 Ridge and Tomaso was at 34 What Cheer Rd – where he would remain until his passing and his home then would pass on to his son Thomas.

Not much more is known about Vincenzo and his family between 1910 and 1915.

Daughter Maria married Attilio Langellotti on April 26, 1914. (name changed to Langelo) He was the son of Antonio Langellotti and Anna M. Fattore. Vincenzo’s sister Filomena – my great grandmother, would go on to marry Giuseppe Langellotti. My best guess at this time is that Attilio was a nephew to Giuseppe. The father of Giuseppe Langellotti was a Vincenzo Langellotti, his father was Gabriele Langellotti, his wife was Teresa DeLellis – this is taking us back to the late 1700’s – I mention this only to show the interconnectedness with these two families – so many of these names  intersect, Loffreda, D’Onofrio, Fattore, Ferritto – I have seen them repeating and connecting through our DeLellis/Langellotti clan as well into our Civitano branches.

Vincenzo DeLellis died on January 30th, 1915 

Rhode Island Deaths and Burials
Name Vincenzo De Lellis
Gender Male
Death Date 30 Jan 1915
Death Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Age 52
Birth Date 1863
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Carmela
Father’s Name Francisco Dilillis
Mother’s Name  


Anna Dillis

Citing this Record “Rhode Island Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950,” database, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:F88C-VFS : 10 March 2018), Vincenzo De Lellis, 30 Jan 1915; citing Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, reference 37; FHL microfilm 2,023,813.

 I have not been able to locate a death certificate or his place of burial for him. A search of findagrave yielded something very interesting about Johnston, R.I. and it cemeteries. There are 105 historical cemeteries, many with photographed stones, many private family plots. I will need to spend a considerable amount of time to try and wade through these pages.

Not long after and on the 1915  census (no month indicated) Vincenzo’s wife Maria (50) was living with her son Frank (19) listed as head, son Benjamin (17), and daughters Anna (13) and Jennie (8). The only one working was Frank with his profession listed as ‘second hand, woolen mill’. The home was at 238 Sterling Ave. 

 Still at the Sterling Ave. address in 1920 Maria (54) widow, was living with daughter’s Anna (17) and Vincenza (13). The only one working was Anna, as a spinner in woolen mill. The census also notes that the home on Sterling was owned and not rented. Both son’s Frank and Benjamin were on their own. Looking at city directories I was able to track Maria up until 1939 where she remained at the 238 Sterling Ave. address.


Maria Caronela DeLellis died on January 1, 1940

Rhode Island Deaths and Burials
Name Maria Caronela Delellis
Gender Female
Death Date 01 Jan 1940
Death Place Providence, Rhode Island
Age 72
Birth Date 1868
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Vincenzo Delellis
Father’s Name Jannetti
Mother’s Name Marianna
Citing this Record”Rhode Island Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950,” database, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:F8HK-R89 : 10 March 2018), Maria Caronela Delellis, 01 Jan 1940; citing Providence, Rhode Island, reference 1; FHL microfilm 1,955,420.



From Wikipedia I found an interesting fact about the town. In 2000, 46.7% of Johnston residents identified themselves as being of Italian heritage. This was the highest percentage of Italian Americans of any municipality in the country.[10] Wikipedia




Birth Record 
DetailDelaware Public Archives; Dover, Delaware; Collection Number: Birth Records – 39; Roll Number: 39

Francesco Saverio DeLellis of San Gregorio Matese, Caserta, Italy transplanted to Johnston, Rhode Island

A quick update for those who have been asking. I did hear back from my new DNA matched 2nd cousin 1x removed. His name is Mark. It’s been very exciting  sharing a few photo’s and getting acquainted with each other. His grandfather Luigi DeLellis was a brother to my great grandmother Filomena Langellotti DeLellis.

Our MRCA (most recent common ancestor) was Mark’s great grandfather and my 2x great grandfather Francesco Saverio DeLellis (b. 1828)  San Gregorio, Cascerta, Compania, Italy. Francesco was the son of Luigi DeLellis and Marianna D’Amico. I have no other information on them other than they were living in San Gregorio at the time of their son Francesco’s birth.

Francesco married Caterina Loffredo (b.1853) on May 15, 1872, also from San Gregorio, Italy. Caterina was the daughter of Onorato Loffredo and Maria Maddalena D’Amico 

Notice that both mother’s were D’Amico’s. I am guessing that this was a cousin marriage between Francesco and Caterina. Marianna and Maria were most likely sisters, but I have no documents to prove that at this time.

Marriage Certificate for Francesco and Caterina 

Marriage Certificate - Francesco Saverio

Marriage Certificate - Francesco Saverio -2Marriage Certificate - Francesco Saverio -3

The marriage certificate states that Francesco was the widower of a woman named Anna DeLellis. This is consistent and supported by the document seen below that I found on familysearch.com  It is a death record for Francesco’s 1st son Vincenzo, who was the child of his 1st wife Anna.

Rhode Island Deaths and Burials from familysearch.org
Name Vincenzo De Lellis
Gender Male
Death Date 30 Jan 1915
Death Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Age 52
Birth Date 1863
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Carmela
Father’s Name Francisco Dilillis
Mother’s Name Anna Dillis

There is quite an age gap between Francesco and Caterina. He was 44 and Caterina 19 when they married. Caterina became mother to Vincenzo, 10 years her jr and would go on to have three children with Francesco. Filomena (b. 1887) my great grandmother,  Luigi (b. 1880) and Umberto (1890).

The first of their sons to immigrate was Luigi in 1902, followed by Vincenzo in 1904, and then father Francesco along with Caterina with their son Umberto arrived after Vincenzo in 1904. Filomena came two years later in 1906. According to my Uncle Joe she traveled through Argentina and then entered the US that way. I have been unable to find an immigration record for either Filomena or for Luigi. Before I move on to the children in my next post I want to talk about their father Francesco, and the very little information I have been able to find on him.

At the age of of 76, Francesco left his his homeland aboard the Citta Di Genova, out of the Port of Napoli on April 11, 1904, arriving in New York Harbor on April 30. Traveling with him was his wife Caterina (52) and youngest son Umberto (14).



Francesco’s immigration record yielded a wealth of information to understand their passage to their new life here in America. They were traveling with $5 between them and heading to their son Vincenzo on Mission Ave, Providence, Rhode Island. Detained when arrived; I was not able to make out everything noted but the word “senility and Dwarf” was clearly written for Francesco. The word “good” was recorded for Caterina and Umberto. Francesco and Umberto’s profession was also noted as laborer but I wonder how much Francesco was really able to do anymore. They certainly came with very little money, so I imagine life was extremely tough, if not unbearable for them back in San Gregorio.

Passenger Manifest for Francesco, Caterina and Umberto

NYT715_452-0070Citation Information Detail Year: 1904; Arrival: New York, New York; MicrofilSerial:T715, 1897-1957; Microfilm Roll: Roll 0452; Line: 16; Page Number: 32  Title New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 Author Ancestry.com

At the time that they immigrated Luigi and Vincenzo were already here establishing their new lives for the family. Vincenzo was married with 6 children. He had already been here for 15 years and was working as a farmer. More on him in a later post. Luigi was also here and living on Union Ave  (Providence, R.I.) He too was married and with 3 children to support as a cobbler, having arrived just two years prior.  (more on Luigi in a later post)

Francesco would live another four years before passing away in Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island on the 28th of March 1908. I have been unable to locate where he is buried. Correspondence with the Johnston Historical Society a few years ago, yielded no record or information found on a burial for Francesco.

A warm sincere thank you to Mark for finding and sending this photo to me. It is absolutely amazing. The more I look at it the more I am wondering if it is a painting portrait and not a photograph. Could it be a colorized photo? Any thoughts on this? Turning to the immigration record for Francesco we had one clue, that he was a dwarf. This man appears to be extremely short in stature. Whether he was truly a dwarf or just a very short man – I believe this is Francesco DeLellis.

FrancescoDeLellis copy
Photo courtesy of Mark DeLellis 

After the death of Francesco, his wife Caterina would go on to live another 10 years. As I was taking a look at some of the details about her, something else jumped out at me. Caterina had a sister, and her name was Anna (b. abt 1856) Could this have been Francesco’s first wife and mother of Vincenzo? It doesn’t seem possible that it could be since the ages of birth for Anna and Vincenzo is only 7 years apart. It is possible that the birth years are wrong and it was an extremely common practice in that time frame. But with nothing really to go on,  it’s just a thought.

Caterina, having lost her husband, relocated to New York to the Bronx to be by her daughter Filomena, her husand Giuseppe Langelotti and family. I located Filomena  in the 1910c living at 290 East 149th St. but there was no mention of Caterina. By 1915 Caterina was living next Filomena at 283 East 149th St., where she and her family  would remain through the 1920’s.

1915 New York Census 

32848_B093989-00335Citation Information Detail New York State Archives; Albany, New York; State Population Census Schedules, 1915; Election District: 02; Assembly District: 33; City: New York; County: Bronx; Page: 43

Caterina would live three more years passing away on February 15, 1918. She was buried at St. Raymond Cemetery on February 19, 1918.

Death Certificate for Caterina DeLellis 

Death Certificate - Caterina Loffreda Langelloti



My knowledge of the DeLellis branch of my family is very limited and I am have been very excited to begin researching them. I have made a few contacts over the the years with distant cousin’s. My hope is together we can begin to put together a great picture of this branch. My next few posts will be to honor those families who settled in Rhode Island and dug their heels deep in to the soil there.




San Gregorio, Casterta, Compania, Italy

I have written quite a bit about the Civitano family from the town of Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy, but very little about the side of the family from San Gregorio, Caserta, Compania, Italy.

San Gregorio Matese is located in the Province of Caserta, in the region of Compania.
It is located in the Regional park of the Matese. The name of the town comes from an ancient Benedictine church dedicated to St. Gregorio. As of 2016 there were 988 residents  in San Gregorio. I was so surprised to find the names listed on a chart from the site below for San Gregorio.

The most common five family names

There are in San Gregorio Matese Surname
77.50 De Lellis
45.00 Fattore
35.00 Boiano
32.50 Mezzullo
30.00 Loffreda

We have DeLellis, Fattore, Loffreda in our tree, making it into the top 5. I had been thinking about this side of the family for some time and felt I wanted to change tracks for a while. In fact, I had actually started this post and had something very odd, no coincidental, no perfectly perfect to confirm I am on the right path with my genealogy research at this time. On ancestry – I had a message yesterday that said “Luigi De Lellis was my grandfather”  nothing more. I immediately wrote back and am hoping to open a dialog with this person.

Luigi De Lellis was my great grandmother Filomena Maria’s brother.

My father’s mother was Catherine Langellotti (1912 N.Y)  one of seven children born to Giuseppe Langellotti (1876) and Filomena De Lellis (1877)  both from San Gregorio, both who would make there way to America to begin a new life here with their family.