Giuseppe, Lucia and baby Rose Marvulli

Back on May 13th of this year I posted the picture below of Giuseppe (Joseph) Marvulli and his beautiful wife Lucia and baby girl Rose. In the posting Rose was only partially visible but thank you to my cousin Toni for getting the full photo to me courtesy of Vita Andreoli nee Caso.

Marvulli,Joseph,Lucia&Rose copyPhoto very late 1904 early 1905

Look at Rose so tiny and sitting so princess like, almost floating it seems in air. I can see just a faint making of a board that must be suspended across the arms of the chair, and you can make out a strap across her chest and a hunt of the buckle.

Giuseppe/Joseph is my 2x great Uncle – brother to my great grandmother Nicoletta Marvulli.

Written on the May 13th

I can not get over the gentleness in the face of Lucia and just how beautiful she truly was. Sadly, as I have written before, Lucia passed away on the 11 June 1908, in Grumo Appula, Italy, just three years after the birth of Vera.

In this photo, Lucia is pregnant with 2nd daughter Vera/Vita. Vera was born in 1905. 

The story that was shared with me was that after Lucia died Giuseppe was forced to put Rose into an orphanage as he was not able to care for both children. Lucia’s mother, Vita DiGirolamo nee Serveddio actually wet nursed her grand baby. After some time, Giuseppe, in a better position, had Rose return home.

A very big thank you to Vita Andreoli for sharing her memories and this photo with me to share with you ūüôā

I posted the photo on the FB page of Random Acts of Photo Restoration and this wonderful restoration of the photo was done by Jeff Lentz. I think he did a great job in removing some of the shadowing and gave it a nice crisp look.

MarvulliJosephLuciaRose2 copy



Frank Civitano the Ice Man

Frank Civitano (1), my grandfather, was born November 8th, 1907 in New York City. The first and only son of Vincenzo Civitano and Nicoletta Marvulli, both from our ancestral  town of Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy.

There is no denying that Frank (1) was a hard working man.  After his fathers death (murder) in 1909, he left for Grumo Appula with his mother and infant sister Julia. In 1923, at the age of 15, sponsored by his Uncle, his name sake Frank Civitano (2), Frank (1) returned to New York and set about following in Franks (2) footsteps as an ice and coal dealer.

Known affectionately as ‘Frank the Ice Man’ Civitano

FrankIce1 copy

There is no denying the men in our family worked hard for their American Dream.

Icetruck copy

Thankful for the few pictures that survive today today

FrankIce2 copyFrank and his youngest son, Joseph (very early 50’s)

Many of the men in the family got their start in the ice and coal delivery business. Not just my grandfather, along with my father, Vincent, in those early years, but as mentioned

Frank (1) married to Rosa DiArmiento was in the business along with his brother’s

Dominick, married to Jenny Maggio as well as 2 of his sons’s Dominick and Frank in the ’30’s.

Vincenzo known as James, married to Anna Plavcsan was also in the business.

Their sister Julia married Vito Simone and he too had his own ice delivery business along with Julia’s sister Rosa married to Vito’s brother Dominick working as an ice delivery man for the Knickerbocker Ice Co. (WWI draft registration)

The ice and coal delivery business a great fit for our family.

According to an article on the trade of Iceman,¬†Wikipedia stated that “Many icemen in the Northeastern U.S. had origins in Southern Italy. Arriving in the U.S. with little education or trade skills, many of these immigrants began ice routes, especially in New York City, where ice routes were a common sight. In those times, ice was harvested from ponds and lakes, stored in ice houses and transported to cities.”



A Fathers Day Remembrance

Vincent A. Civitano  April 24, 1934 РJune 20, 1990 

Remembering and celebrating my father Vincent

Yesterday I lit a memorial candle on the anniversary for 30 years since he has past. In his memory I am sharing a few of my favorite photos of him.

Vincentbaby copy

With his older sister Nicoletta (Coletta)

Coletta&Vincent copy

My grandmother Katie (Langellotti), father Frank Civitano, and sister Coletta

Frank&Cathrine3 copy

Vincent with Coletta and his brother, my Uncle Joe

VincentJoe&Coletta copy

I never knew my birthfather yet it’s the most interesting feeling, as the years have gone by, as I have continued to blog and study his photos, as stories have been shared, visits with my brothers, my Uncle, my Aunt when still with us, boundless conversations with my Uncle, wonderful cousin reunions, Vincent has become so real to me. As if we had walked hand in hand and shared those special moments fathers and daughters often have.

Vincent with his mom and ?

3 copy

With his parents Frank and Katie

2 copy

Vincent and Katie

1 copy

1953 Koren War

4 copy


2 copy

The 60’s ~ with his parents and Mary Mora, my brother Franks mother

Havana Picture copy


Birthfather3 copy

Yesterday, on the anniversary of his passing, my brother Frank brought 4 red roses to our fathers grave for me. He placed one in honor of myself, his only daughter, one for his only grandchild, my daughter Marissa, and one for his two great grandchildren, Torance and Liam.

5 copy

Vincent is buried along with my brother Vincent at

St. Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx, New York




Giuditta (Julia) Civitano ~ My Great Aunt

Julia was born today, June 18th, 1909. She was the sister to my grandfather Frank Civitano.

Today I remember and celebrate her birthday.

Both Julia and Frank¬†were born in New York City to Vincenzo Civitano and Nicoletta Marvulli. Just 4 months after Julia was born, her father Vincenzo was murdered, stabbed in the streets of the city over what was believed a ‘ice route’ dispute.

Julia with her brother Frank 

Julia&Frank copyIn this photo Frank and Julia (late teens or very early 20’s) are attendants in a wedding party. If any family members knows who wedding this might have been, has a wedding photo to match Julia’s dress, we would love to hear from you.


Frank and Julia 

GrandpaFrank:sisterJulia copy

You can read more about Julia by clicking here 


Memorial Day Mention


Joseph Civitano, Private U.S. Army 

114th Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division 

Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France 

Purple Heart 


Son of Frank and Mary Civitano

2310 Valentine Ave, Bronx, New York

May your memory be a blessing 

Robert G. Caso ~ Solves a 75 Year Old Mystery

Robert G. Caso was my 2nd cousin 1x removed. His grandmother Rita Marvulli and and my great grandmother Nicoletta were sisters. Robert was born on July 19, 1924, N.Y.C. to Domenico Caso and Rose Haughey. He was the oldest of three children, brother to Rita G. born 1926 and Arthur Caso born 1929.

At age 18, Dec. 16, 1942 Robert registered for the draft.

RobertG.CasoWWIITitleU.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947,

Using Ancestry and Fold3, I did find Muster Roll entries for a Robert G. Caso, the earliest for March 10, 1944 giving the date of July 10, 1943 for date of enlistment. The branch of service was for the Navy. With no other information to confirm this was truly our Robert, a clue on the November 3, 1945 marriage license application below, for Robert to Louise Kaiser confirmed that this was Robert serving in the Navy. On the application,  under occupation, US Navy.

The Navy brought him out to the west cost of Washington State where he met and married Louise Kaiser, 18, daughter of Otto Kaiser and Bernice Mary Meyer. Bernice was no longer married to Otto however but remarried to Elmer Barth, a Stevedore (longshore man).

RobertCasoMarriageAppl.Washington, Marriage Records, 1854-2013,

It was here in Washington State that Robert and Louise would eventually make their home by 1950. They were the parents to three children.

Robert ‘s (Bob as he was known) story does not stop there. In fact it truly does have quite a dramatic tale attached to it which can best be told by the LA Times article at the link below. Bob can most certainly be credited in solving the mystery of the disappearance of Russel and Blanche Warren on July 3, 1929. Please take a moment to read this fascinating story.

Robert G. Caso passed away on

December 16, 2018

 Port Angeles, Washington

May his memory be a blessing