In Memory of Angelina Vizzo nee Civitano

In Memory of 

Angelina Vizzo 

1 November 1909, N.Y.C.  ~  25 January 1999, Bronx, New York 

Daughter of Francesco Civitano and Rosina D’Armiento


lena vizzo 5

Angelina was the first born of seven children to newly arrived immigrant parents, Francesco and Rosina Civitano from Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy. She married Salvatore Vizzo on 28 April 1929, however, they had applied for their marriage license on February 14, 1929.  Please be my Valentine!

More commonly known as Lena, she and Salvatore went on to have two daughters.

Lena was laid to rest at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Hawthorne, Westchester County, N.Y.

vizzo, lena - gate of heaven cemetery



May Her Memory Be A Blessing 




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In Memory of Giuseppi (Joseph) Marvulli

In Memory of

Giuseppi (Joseph) Marvulli 

12 July 1873 Grumo Appula, Italy ~ 8 Jan. 1950 Queens, N.Y.

Son of Domenico Marvulli and Rosa D’Armiento

Joseph arrived aboard the SS Conte di Sovoia on 28 Feb. 1938 at the age of 64. His destination was his daughter Vera in Long Island City. Joseph had been married to Lucia di Girolamo for a short six years when she passed away in 1908 at the age of 24, leaving him a widower with 2 small children, Vera and Rosa.


May his memory be a blessing 




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San Gregorio Matese, Caserta, Italy…here she comes

This week I had an exciting phone calling from my 2nd cousin, Anne, who shared with me a life long dream. I will be living this dream through her as she travels to Italy in Sept.. Anne will be spending a fantastic month touring, visiting with family and friends and doing a little reconnaissance/research mission as well. I have kept my request minimal allowing her in the words and heart of the ‘American Pickers’ to do this “free style”.

Below I have freeze framed 3 plagues from the town of San Gregoria Matese, Caserta, Campania, Italy – home of my DeLellis and Langellotti family. Along with those two paternal last names, on the maternal side we also have Loffreda, D’Amico, Ferrito and Fattore to name the top few. On the plaques – family members

I have also added the video from You Tube that I found these memorial markers on. Please take a moment to watch.

Using google translate I was able to transcribe the memorial headings.

San Gregorio D’Alife to his Valorious Fallen Children For The Greatness of Italy In War 1915 -1918


Civilian Victims of War 1940 – 1945


Fallen Of War  1940 – 1945 Soldiers



The Wonderful You Tube video of our San Gregorio 



The most common 5 family names SanGregorio from

77.50 De Lellis

45.00 Fattore

35.00 Boiano

32.50 Mezzullo

30.00 Loffreda



Fernando De Lellis, He was born on 10/08/1983 in PIEDIMONTE MATESE (CE).

Education: Licenza media superiore

He was elected on 11/06/2017 and he was in charge on 12/06/2017 – Party: Lista civica – Civicamente San Gregorio


Vincenzo De Lellis, He was born on 13/07/1989 in PIEDIMONTE MATESE (CE).

Education: Licenza media superiore

He was elected on 11/06/2017 and he was in charge on 12/06/2017 – Party: Lista civica – Civicamente San Gregorio


Pietro Filomeno De Lellis, He was born on 13/08/1964 in REGNO UNITO.

Education: Licenza media superiore

He was elected on 11/06/2017 and he was in charge on 12/06/2017 – Party: Lista civica – Noi per Voi


Salvatore Fattore, He was born on 08/09/1972 in SAN GREGORIO MATESE (CE).

Education: Licenza media inferiore

Job area: Condizioni non professionali

He was elected on 11/06/2017 and he was in charge on 12/06/2017 – Party: Lista civica – Noi per Voi

Our roots run deep in San Gregorio


Filomena Langellotti nee DeLellis continued

In my last post I left off with the passing of Caterina Loffreda nee DeLellis, the mother of Filomena, my great grandmother and wife of Giovanni Luigi (Joseph)Langellotti. The year was 1918, February 18. Caterina was buried at St. Raymond’s Cemetery, Bronx, New York.

Filomena had married Joseph (Giovanni) in June 1890 in San Gregorio, Caserta, Italy and immigrated to the United States in 1906, joining her husband who had arrived 2 years earlier in 1904. Filomena arrived with her 2 children Ermina, also known as Emily and younger brother Vincenzo, Vincent. With this post I will pick up in the year 1920.

In 1920 the family was still at the E. 149th St, Bronx address. Joseph (45) had switched from the building trade and was working for the city as a street cleaner. Filomena and Joseph had added on more child and the last of their 7 children, Frank (Francesco) was born in 1916. Oldest daughter Ermina (18)  (recorded Emilla) was working as a shirt operator and Vincenzo, 16,  (recorded as Jim) was working as clerk in a factory, Margaret 12, Tony 10, Kate 8 – my grandmother, and Vieda (Rita) 5 were all home. The only curious thing about this census record was the fact that Ermina was listed as immigrating in 1915 and Jim in 1917.

We clearly have the original immigration record for 1906 with the children arriving with their mother Filomena.


The question raised for me is – had the two children returned to Italy at some time after arriving, lived with relatives and then returned to join the family? This could simply be a census error. I have nothing to support a return. It just seems a little to specific.

I was unable to find the family in 1925 census but located them again in 1930 living at 1141 Croes Ave., Bronx. Much had changed by 1930. Oldest daughter Emily had married Frank Tanzillo shortly after the 1920c on Feb. 19th. Their first child born in 1921 was daughter Angelina Lucy followed by Filomena/Phyllis in 1926 and Bernard in 1930. Husband Frank was working as a bricklayer and the family was living along with Emily’s parents at the 1141 Croes Ave. address.

Also by 1930 daughter Margaret (22), and husband John Leone 21 (spelled Lenone) was at the same address too. John was working as a packer/shoes. I have been unable to find their marriage record. I want to note that I originally  picked up a marriage date and record of 1939 for them. (quite a few researchers list this record as the date) However in researching I found 2 other couples with their same names and I believe one of them is the 1939 marriage and not our couple.  Unless they had their first 2 children before marrying, they married prior to 1933. Their first child Jenny was born in 1933 followed by Emily in 1935 and Phyllis some time after 1940c.

Along with daughter’s Margaret and Emily was my grandmother Katherine (17), with her new husband, my grandfather Francesco (22), Frank Civitano at the 1141 Croes Ave. They were married on the 14 of Sept. 1929. I have a wonderful wedding photo for Frank and Katherine but I would like to save it for another post.

Katherine DeLellis’s  engagement photo 

CatherineEngagement copy

So by 1930 three of their four daughters were married. I was not able to find the youngest daughter, Rita, she was not listed on the census with her parents. She would have been 16 at the time. At home with Filomena and Joseph were  their three sons. James (26), working as a window trimmer, Anthony (20) was employed in a butcher shop as a helper and Frank (16), had ‘none’ next to employment, and no mention of student/school. It is possible Rita was simply left off the census or at another location.

1141 Croes Ave. was a multi family home built in 1927 (red awning)  

1141Croes .jpg

1932 was a year of tragedy for the family with the death of oldest daughter Emily Tanzillo on Feb. 2nd. Emily was killed in the cross fire in an ongoing gang war between gangster Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll and the Dutch Schultz gang. This tragedy alone, deserves its own blog post. Needless to say this event would forever be engraved in the minds and psyche of the family. Emily left behind her husband Frank and her three young children, Angelina, Philomena and Bernard.

Sometime between 1930 and 1935 Joseph and Filomena moved to 1114 Metcalf Ave., Bronx. Following his in-laws, my grandfather Frank (33) had moved to the same address with his wife Katherine (27) with their daughter Coletta (9) and Vincent (5). His occupation was listed simply ‘coal’. We know that the extended Civitano family members were all involved in the ice and coal business. 1940 was a very busy year, Filomena (63) had her hands full on the home front. Living with them was son James (37) an assembler, and Anthony (30) with no occupation listed, Rita (25) was on this census and working as a clerk. Their son-in-law, widower Frank Tanzillo (44) was living with them along with their three grandchildren Angelina (18) a telephone operator, Phyllis (16) and Bernard (10) My Uncle tells me that he can remember Bernard sharing a room with my father in those early years. Also in the unit next to them was Franks brother Louis Tanzillo (40), a machine mechanic and his family. Wife Anna(38) children Angela (15) and Bernard (10).

My dad Vincent Civitano and Bernard Tanzillo 

Vincent&Bernard copy

1114 Metcalf Ave home (without awning) 


Grandparents Katherine and Frank Civitano                                                                          with my father Vincent and his sister Coletta 

familypic4 copy

This picture is labeled 1930’s but I believe it is most likely 1939 – 1940. Coletta (9) in the 1940 census and Vincent (5).

Looking very close to the same year, here is a photo of Filomena Langellotti nee DeLellis with my father Vincent and sister Coletta.

Family6 copy

All three of Filomena and Joseph’s son’s were married in 1940. First was Arthur Frank to Teresa Venerose on Feb. 17th followed by Vincent James to Elizabeth Festa on Sept. 21st, and then Anthony to Marie Visaggi on Dec 11th. All the weddings took place in the Bronx.

Arthur Frank and Teresa Venerose                                                        


My Aunt Coletta was the flower girl and my grandfather Frank the best man

Vincent James and Elizabeth Festa  

LangelottiJimwedding copyCourtesy of a family member

Daughter Rita Lucy married  Steve (Stefano Giovanni Battista)  Staluppi in 1959. Both of Rita’s parents had passed away by that time.

Rita and Steve Stalupi


Filomena Langellotti nee DeLellis passed away on November 9, 1942 at the age of 65. No cause of death is listed on her death certificate but the signature of the physician indicates it was natural causes. The informant of the document was her son James (Vincent). *note on the gravestone photo (to follow) the birth year is incorrect.

Death Certificate - Filomena Langellotti p.1

Filomena Langellotti 

filomena langellotti copy.jpg

Five years later on April 6, 1947 husband Joseph (Giuseppe Luigi) Langellotti passed away. Informant on his certificate was his daughter Rita. There is no cause of death but again the signature attests to natural causes. Both are buried at St Raymond’s Cemetery.

Death Certificate - Joseph Langellotti.jpg

Langellotti, Joseph



Working on this post I realized I do not have a single photo of Joseph (Giuseppe) Langellotti. Of course I have added this to my must find list 🙂










Filomena Langellotti nee DeLellis

Filomena Maria DeLellis was born on October 28th, 1877, Via Andrea 5, San Gregorio, Caserta, Campania, Italy. She was my great grandmother and the only daughter of Francesco DeLellis and Catherine Loffreda, both of San Gregorio.

Birth Certificate for Filomena


Filomena was a 1/2 sister to Vincenzo, 14 years her senior, and a full sibling to Luigi born 3 years after her followed by Umberto 13 years later.

By 1900 at the age of 23 Filomena had married Giuseppe (Joseph) Langellotti. Giuseppe was the son of Vincenzo Langellotti (1838 – 1899) and Maria Maddalena Ferritto (1834 – 1908) both also of San Gregorio, Italy.

Let me stop there and tie in the Langellotti and DeLellis line just little bit more. Vincenzo Langellotti (Giuseppe”s father) was the son of Gabriele Langellotti and Teresa DeLellis. I have not been able to research further back to tie in this grandparent generation to confirm a cousin match however if we were to assume that Luigi and Teresa DeLellis with siblings, we would have a cousin marriage. I think it is very possible. Even if Teresa and Luigi were cousin’s, we have a familia connection at best.


What I find so very interesting when working on a family is how it breaks down and the connections that are found. These are two families with their roots deep in this San Gregorio, Caserta region of Italy. It seems so natural that families merged and blended together.

Giuseppe and Filomena married on the 9th of June, 1900 in San Gregorio, Caserta, Italy

Marriage License



Their first child, Erminia Maria (Emily) was born in 1901 followed by son Vincenzo Gregorio (Vincent James) in 1903. One year following Vincenzo’s birth Giuseppe left Italy for New York harbor aboard the Prinz Adalbert joining his brother Angelo Langellotti living in Brooklyn, New York. Giuseppe arrived on June 22, 1904.  His profession was noted as shoemaker. If you have been following this blog you may remember that Filomena’s brother Luigi was also a shoemaker/cobbler and already here.

S.S. Prinz Adalbert


Ships Manifest for Giuseppe


Two year later in 1906 Filomena left to join Giuseppe. Over the last few years I have had many conversation’s with my Uncle Joe regarding the route she may have taken to get here. He was always under the impression that she came via Argentina. I had been unable to find anything to support this or any immigration record for Filomena. While preparing for this post I decided to take one last look for anything I could find. I was so shocked to locate a record on (which I have checked many times) for Filomena, traveling under her maiden name of DeLellis, with daughter Erminia and Vincenzo.  The name of the ship is still in question. On the following document (3rd) you will see the ship’s name is unclear. There were two ships owned and in use by the The White Star Line at the time; The S.S. Celtic and The S.S. Cedric. I think she was on the Celtic; because of the tic ending.  Sometimes known as the S.S. Celtic (Steam Ship) it was also known as RMS Celtic (Royal Mail Ship or Steamship) From the site ; I located a S.S. Celtic (2) which departed on Sept 21, 1906, departed Liverpool for New York via Queenstown. The familysearch record had Queenstown for the ship name which through me off at first. It was an indication of going through Queenstown. Scrolling backwards through the microfilm the ship recorded prior was spelled clearly as CRETIC, also a tic ending. For now it remains unclear as to the ship Filomena was actually on. I have found nothing to confirm that the ship may have traveled to or through Argentina.



A wonderful photo of Filomena with presumed Ermina standing and Vincenzo on the pedestal. Filomena would be about 26 years old in this photo.


The first census I found for the family was the 1910. They were living at 209 E. 149th St., Bronx, NY. Giuseppe had adopted his Americanized name of Joseph (34)  and was working as a laborer in the building trade. Filomena (32), Erminia (9) was recorded as Emma, James (7). Two more children had been added to the family Margaret (2), transcribed as Maculato and Antonio 4/12. Living with the family was Joseph’s brother Angelo (34 – married)  and two boarders, Marchese Deleiso and Vincenzo Ingo. All three of them were working as laborers in the building trade along with Joseph.

1910 was a year of excitement for the family because shortly after the census in April, Angelo’s wife of Caterina (Bucchino) and their 3 children, Nicola, Maria Filomena, and Angelica arrived in August from San Gregorio. One more child would be born, John Frank in 1911 and then tragedy struck. Angelo passed away sometime in 1915 at 45 years old.

Angelo is buried at Old Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in the Bronx.



By 1915 more children had joined the family of Joseph and Filomena. Catherine (my grandmother) had been born and her sister Rita. The family had also moved to 283/288 148th St, Bronx. Finding this census took some doing as this is by far the worst misspelling of a name I have ever run across. Recorded as Joseph Lanciardo and Filomena was recorded as Firearms. Also living with them was Filomena’s mother Caterina (60), widowed. Joseph’s (38) occupation again was laborer, building and Filomena (37) house work. List with alien status was Joseph, Filomena, first born Emilia, now Emily and Vincenzo now Vincent as well his mother in law Caterina.

1918 saw the passing of Filomena’s mother Caterina. She died on Feb. 15th and was buried at St Raymond’s Cemetery.


While looking at this death certificate for Caterina, I noticed something I had not put  much thought into before I began blogging about this family. This death record states she was here in the U.S. for 4 years. I suddenly realized she must have returned to Italy after first arriving in 1904 after husband Francesco passed away in 1908. Not only had she returned but this must be when and most likely why youngest son Umberto, then 18, returned to Italy. Aging, she returned in May of 1915 (not a true 4 years) to her daughter Filomena and her family to be cared for until she passed away. This seems to support the notion reported by a family member that they believed Umberto had returned to Italy and why I have had no succession finding Umberto or Caterina here in the states between those years.

In my next post I will continue with the story Filomena and Joseph and their family.



Umberto DeLellis Update

I received the marriage certificate today for Umberto DeLellis, my 2x great Uncle, brother of my great grandmother Filomena Langellotti nee DeLellis.

Just to recap, Umberto (1890) married Michelina Mastangelo(1884), daughter of Salvatore Mastangelo and Nicolina Leggiers. They were married on April 2, 1911. This is basically all I know about Umberto and Michelina.



I had hoped getting the marriage license would open up an avenue for discovering more about their lives, children, but unfortunately I haven’t found much more in the way of records or their life after marriage. Here is what I learned however from the certificate and it’s a start.

Umberto was living in Manhattan not in Rhode Island as was Michelina when they married. Umberto at 290 E. 149th and Michelina at 2038 1st Ave (not sure 1st is correct as the 1 written is quite different than the 1 written under number of marriages category on cert.). Michelina was older than Umberto by about 6 years. Umberto was working as a driver. They were married at Mt Carmel Church ~ 447 E 115th St by Rev. Robert Sorgi




Something else surprising jumped out at me however and that was the witnesses. Pasquale Vetri, which means nothing at this time to me but the name of the second witness, Filomena DeLellis. This must have been my great grandmother and although she was already married with the last name of Langellotti, I feel very confident this must have been her. Filomena would have been about 34 at that time. There is no one else I have yet to discover that would have fit this possibility.

I had hoped these few new clues would lead to more discoveries but they haven’t. I have had no luck in in discovering anything else on the couple at this time.

Umberto DeLellis

In my last post I wrote about Vincenzo DeLellis (1863 – 1915), son of Francesco DeLellis (1828 – 1908)  and Anna (LNU). Vincenzo was their only son. Francesco went on to marry Caterina Loffredo (1853 – 1918) after the presumed passing of his 1st wife Anna. I have no additional information on Anna. Francesco and Caterina went on to have 3 more children. Filomena (1877), my great grandmother, son Luigi (1880) and Umberto (1890)

Umberto, the youngest child, was born 1890 in San Gregorio, Casterta, Italy. I have found very little information on Umberto other than a passenger manifest for him and marriage record.  He was traveling with his parents, Francesco and Caterina, destination Rhode Island to his brother Vincenzo. The record below is 

Name Umberto Delellis
Arrival Date 30 Apr 1904
Birth Date abt 1890
Age 14
Gender Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality Italian (South)
Port of Departure Napoli
Port of Arrival New York, New York
Ship Name Citta Di Genova
Search Ship Database Citta Di Genova
Umberto Delellis – Apr 1904 – New York, New York Napoli Napoli – Male – Citta Di Genova

I know so little about the DeLellis family. Hopefully with the few family connection’s I have made, together we can piece together our branches. I have sent away for a marriage certificate for Umberto. I will update when the record is received. The record below was also found on This was an important record since I had located two men named Umberto born in the same year. Umberto #2 was the son of Alfonso DeLellis.

Umberto DeLellis

Name Umberto De Lellis
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 02 Apr 1911
Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Event Place (Original) Manhattan, New York
Gender Male
Age 21
Marital Status Single
Race White
Birth Year (Estimated) 1890
Birthplace Italy
Father’s Name Francesco
Mother’s Name Caterina Lofejjo
Spouse’s Name Michelina Mastangelo
Spouse’s Gender Female
Spouse’s Age 27
Spouse’s Marital Status Single
Spouse’s Race White
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated) 1884
Spouse’s Birthplace Itlay
Spouse’s Father’s Name Salvatore
Spouse’s Mother’s Name Nicolina Leggiers

By 1910 there were 8 DeLellis families living in Johnston, Rhode Island. They were all connected but exactly how I am not sure yet.

Living at 536 Union Ave. was Giovanni DeLellis (1848), laborer, his wife Anna (1855), son Giovanni Jr (1886) working as a clerk, daughter Maria (1882) working as a spooler in worsted mill. Also living with them was there married daughter Carmela aka Minnie (1890) husband Angelo Dibiase (1887), tailor, daughter Louisa (1908) and son Ettore (1910)

Also on Union Ave at 503 was Vincenzo DeLellis (1865), millsman,  his wife Carmela(1867) their children Maria (1892), Francesco (1896), Benedetto (1898), Anna (1902), Vingenza ( 1907)

Living next door at 504 Union Ave was Luigi DeLellis (1880)(Vincenzo’s brother), cobbler, wife Annuziata (1878), children Antonetta (1903), Maria (1905), and a son (9/12)

At 11 What Cheer Ave was Tommas DeLellis (1858) florist,  wife Maria (1861) children Emilia (1902) Alfredo (1904) Louisa ( 1906) and two stepdaughters.

Domiano DeLellis  (1873), barber,  was living at 161 Knight St with his wife Antonia (1867) daughters Annie (1901) Margarita (1907) son Luicei (1905) son Sinefore (1908 – 1909) Living with them was his mother-in-law Maria Bartolomingi and brother-in-law Joseph

Alessandro DeLellis (1877), filler in fuse shop, lived at 319 Pocasset Ave with his wife Maria (1878), children Francesca (1908), Giovanni (1910 – 1911), son Alberto (1905 – 1906) Living with them was his father-in-law Giuseppe Piacitelli (widow) and his sister-in-law Asunta, candy maker.

With an address change from Vanner to Simmonsville Rd  Giocabbe DeLellis (1856), day laborer and wife Raffaela (1862) were living in Johnston as early as 1900 along with Giuseppe and Vincenzo. They had 1 confirmed son named Peitro (1890) Living next door to Giocabbe and Raffaela in 1900 was Nicola DeLellis (1840) day laborer, and his wife Mary (1854)

These early residents set the stage for our families beginning here in the United States.





Langellotti, De Lellis, Loffreda, Ferritto, Di Amico from San Gregorio, Casterta, Compania, Italy

I have written quite a bit about the Civitano family from the town of Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy, but very little about the side of the family from San Gregorio, Caserta, Compania, Italy.

 San Gregorio Matese is located in the Province of Caserta, in the region of Compania.
It is located in the Regional park of the Matese. The name of the town comes from an ancient Benedictine church dedicated to St. Gregorio. As of 2016 there were 988 residents  in San Gregorio. I was so surprised to find the names listed on a chart from the site below for San Gregorio.

The most common five family names

There are in San Gregorio Matese Surname
77.50 De Lellis
45.00 Fattore
35.00 Boiano
32.50 Mezzullo
30.00 Loffreda

I had been thinking about this side of the family for some time and felt I wanted to change tracks for a while. In fact, I had actually started this post and had something very odd, no coincidental, no perfectly perfect to confirm I am on the right path with my genealogy research at this time. On ancestry – I had a message yesterday that said “Luigi De Lellis was my grandfather”  nothing more. I immediately wrote back and am hoping to open a dialog with this person.

Luigi De Lellis was my great grandmother’s brother. A 3/4 cousin DNA match led this person to me. They are a new member on ancestry as of Feb 2018, they must have just tested which linked him to me.

My father’s mother was Catherine Langellotti (1912 N.Y)  one of seven children born to Giuseppe Langellotti (1876) and Filomena De Lellis (1877)  both from San Gregorio, both who would make there way to America to begin a new life here with their family.

Welcome to San Gregorio, Caserta, Compania, Italy. I took a google earth trip around the town and decided it would be fun to share a few pictures in this first post.  The town, set into a beautiful mountain side, is surrounded by a few narrow winding entrance and exit roads that weave their way into the small city center. From those few roads into the main town there appears to be very narrow walking alley ways to get from one strada to another. Set into the country side, leading to and from, are individual small family homesteads with family vineyards and gardens. The area itself does not appear to be affluent by any stretch of our idea of wealth; but simple, comfortably existing and content. The hard past lives of our ancestors continue to haunt this quiet remote town.





















Filomena Phyllis Tanzillo

It is always difficult to write a post about the passing of a family member. Today is no exception.

Filomena Phyllis Tanzillo – Muller (1924) passed away 16 March, 2018.

Phyllis, known as Mena to those who loved her, was the daughter of Frank Tanzillo   (1895 – 1966) and Erminia Langellotti (1901 -1932).

Phyliss was named after her grandmother Filomena DeLellis – Langellotti. 

Her grandparents Filomena (1878) was born  in San Gregorio, Caserta, Campania. She  married Giuseppe (Joseph) Langellotti (1876) also from San Gregorio, (this is correction on the wrong birth place place first posted for Giuseppe)  on June 9, 1900 in San Gregorio. In 1904 Giuseppe immigrated to the U.S. settling in New York. Soon to follow was his wife Filomena along with daughter Erminia and son Vincenzo James. Giuseppe and Filomena went on to have 5 more children born here in New York.

Phyllis’s mother, Erminia (Emily) was sister to my grandmother Catherine (Kate) Langellotti – Civitano. Their families were intertwined and connected through so much history, shared family living spaces, laughter and tears. It is rich in memories for those that remain.

Phyllis was married on September 10, 1949 to Frederick Muller who preceded her in death along with her sister Angelina Lucy (2004) and brother Bernard (2016)

Filomena Phyllis Tanzillo will be laid at rest at St Raymond’s Cemetery, Bronx, along with many other members of the family, including her parents.

I never had the opportunity to meet Mena or her family, in fact I have not had the opportunity to meet any members of the Langellotti side of my family. But as their stories  were shared with me, names repeated, histories recorded; as with most stories, they begin to take on a life of their own, memories of those ‘who knew’ become memories for me ‘who didn’t know.’

In honor of

Filomena Phyllis Tanzillo – Muller

Forever loved by those who remember




The Children of Vito Luigi Civitano and Isabella Elisabetta D’Amico

It has been difficult for me to decide in what direction I wanted to continue. There is just so many and so much to write about with our Civitano family. I have decided to go back to Vito Luigi Civitano (1803 – 1836) and Isabella Elisabetta D’Amico (1804 – 1874) (my 3x great grandparents) They were the parents of Francesco Civitano (1834 – 1879) the stage coach robber who I have written about in great detail. I have not however written anything about the other children of Vito Luigi and Isabella.

Our Civitano family was a huge established family of Grumo Appula with so many surnames crisscrossing and firsts names repeating, that it is almost impossible to keep track or make sense of each family branch. With that said I’d like to introduce you to the siblings of my 2x great grandfather Francesco, thankfully there are only 4.

Vito Luigi and Isabella were the parents of Rosa, Rosa, Grazia and Francesco. Isabella would have 1 more child, a son named Rocco with her 2nd husband after the passing of Vito Luigi.

Vito Luigi and Isabella’s first born was Rosa Civitano, named after her father Vincenzo’s mother Rosa Spano. Rosa was born Feb 20, 1827. Her sweet little life was short lived.  She passed away 7 days later on Feb 27.

Birth Certificate Rosa Civitano

Birth Certificate - Rosa Civitano (1827) p.1

Birth Certificate - Rosa Civitano (1827) p.2

Birth Certificate - Rosa Civitano (1827) p.3

Death Certificate

Death Certificate - Rosa Civitano (1827) p.1

Death Certificate - Rosa Civitano (1827) p.2

A year later on March 9, 1828  Isabella and Vito welcomed Rosa #2.  She was baptized on the same day at the Parroco (parsonage) of the Church of MonteVerde.

Birth Certificate Rosa Civitano

Birth Certificate - Rosa Civitano (1828) p.1

Birth Certificate - Rosa Civitano (1828) p.2

Birth Certificate - Rosa Civitano (1828) p.3

Church of MonteVerde Grumo Appula, 97 Via MonteVerde


Side view of building with parsonage entrance behind tree.



Sister Grazia was next, born on January 20th, 1932 and was baptized 2 days later on January 22nd at the Parroco of Grumo. Grazia was named after Isabella’s mother Grazia Priore – D’Amico (1785 – 1848 of Grumo)

Birth Certificate Grazia Civitano

Birth Certificate - Grazia Civitano p.1

Birth Certificate - Grazia Civitano p.2

Birth Certificate - Grazia Civitano p.3


My 2x great grandfather Francesco was born next  on April 23, 1834.  (I have written extensively in previous a post on the life and family of Francesco)

Tragedy would strike again 2 years later in 1836 when Isabella’s (30) husband Vito Luigi passed away on April 24th at the age of 33. His death left Isabella a widow with 3 small children ages 10, 6, and 2.

On August 5, 1837, one year later, Isabella married Vincenzo Guaccero also from Grumo Apulla. He was the son of Rocco Guaccero and Carmela Cavalluzzi. I do not have information at this time to confirm where they were from specifically but, Vincenzo was born in Grumo.

Marriage Certificate for Isabella and Vincenzo Guaccero 




On July 6, 1838 son Rocco Guaccero, 1/2 brother to Rosa, Grazia and Francesco, was born. Rocco is the only known child of Isabella and Vincenzo.

Birth Certificate Rocco Guaccero

Birth Certificate - Rocco Guaccero p.1

Birth Certificate - Rocco Guaccero p.2

Birth Certificate - Rocco Guaccero p.3

Death Certificate Rocco Guaccero

Death Certificate - Rocco Guaccero p.1

Death Certificate - Rocco Guaccero p.2

Rocco’s life was short lived, passing at the age of 20. Thinking about the lose of child no matter the age I took a look at mother Isabella’s life in terms of lose.

Isabella married at age 18 and at 23 she lost her first baby Rosa. By age 32 she lost her husband Vito Luigi, followed by her father at age 41, then her mother at 44, her son Rocco at 54 years of age followed by daughter Grazia at 63. Isabella would live another 10 years passing away at age 70. Her 2nd husband Vincenzo would pass 3 years after her.

Isabella was the oldest child/daughter of 9 children born to her parents Pietro and Grazia, 3 children who did not survive to adulthood and the rest who all out lived her.

Francesco’s sister Rosa married Giuseppe Peragina April 16, 1849 in Grumo Appula. His occupation was a Contadino – peasant farmer, as with most of our relatives.

Marriage Certificate Rosa and Giuseppe Peragina 

Marriage Certificate - Giuseppe

Marriage Certificate - Giuseppe -2

Marriage Certificate - Giuseppe -3

Marriage Certificate - Giuseppe -4

Grazia married Erasmo L’Aratro Rella April 25, 1853, Grumo Appula also a peasant farmer.

Marriage Certificate Grazia and Erasmo L’Aratro Rella 

Marriage Certificate - Erasmo

Marriage Certificate - Erasmo -2

Marriage Certificate - Erasmo -3

Marriage Certificate - Erasmo -4

Marriage Certificate - Erasmo -5

In my next post I will try to complete the family histories of the siblings of my 2x great grandfather Francesco Civitano.


Always a huge thank you to my cousin Peter Marino for all his endless work in gathering documents of our family.


Italian Peasants by Gustave David (French, 1824 – 1891) medium: watercolor over graphite on slightly textured, moderately thick, cream wove paper


Italian Peasant Girls at Prayer by Alexandre – Marie Guillemin (French, 1817 -1880) medium: watercolor with graphite underdrawing, white heightening and gum heightening on moderately thick, heavily textured wove paper


Italian Peasant Kneeling with Child by William – Adolphe Bouguereau (French, 1825 – 1905) medium: watercolor and graphite underdrawing with gum heightening and shell gold on cream, moderately thick, heavily textured wove paper