In Memory of Vincenzo DeLellis

In Memory of 

Vincenzo DeLellis 

About 1863 San Gregorio, Caserta, Italy ~ 30 January 1915 Providence, Rhode Island 

Son of Francesco Saverino DeLellis and Caterina Loffreda

DeLellis2Flora copy


Arriving in 1885, I believe Vincenzo was our founding family member here in the states. His wife would join him in 1887 and together they had 12 children, 6 lived through to adulthood with 1 unknown. Starting out in Pennsylvania, they made their way to Delaware settling in Johnston, Rhode Island by 1900 where Vincenzo was working as a farmer.


May His Memory Be A Blessing 


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Our Italian Family Year in Review

Here were are near the end of the year. 2018 has been on amazing research journey for me. I have made and corresponded with new cousin connections on both sides of my family, broken through a few brick walls, read fascinating and informational ancestral blogs by amazing genealogy research bloggers, networked, strengthened family ties, connected family, shared and had shared family photo’s I never thought I would have the honor of obtaining….truly this year journey has been wonderful and fascinating.

This January through blogging and picture sharing we were able to confirm and identify the only known picture of Angelina Civitano nee Marvulli, sister to my great grandmother Nicoletta. Through this I met and connected with a 3rd cousin, Rose, which has continued to be an on going blessing for me.

Angelina Civitano nee Marvulli wife of Vito Luigi Civitano


Photo is of the sweet 16 (1946) party for Coletta Civitano.  


In February as I was working on the children of Vito Luigi and Angelina, while reviewing the marriage certificate of son Vincenzo (James) Civitano to Anna Plavcsan I noticed that the best man was recorded as Vincenzo Simone. Vincenzo Jame’s two sisters, Rose and Julia married two Simone brothers, Domenico and Vito. That left me with the question who was Vincenzo Simone? I have not had a chance to research this but the one thing I have learned is never assume, as in assuming he is a brother.

On the 16th of  March we lost Filomena Tanzillo. She was the daughter of Emily Langellotti and Frank Tanzillo.

Filomena (Phyllis) Muller nee Tanzillo ~ may her memory be a blessing 



In April I connected with a 2nd cousin 1 X removed on my DeLellis line which opened an exciting dialog and information and photo share. The most exciting for me the photo of

Francesco Saverio DeLellis born 1828 San Gregorio Mattese, Caserta, Italy  died March 1908 Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island 

FrancescoDeLellis copy.jpg

Researching Francesco and his wife Caterina Loffreda left me with the question, what happened to their youngest son Umberto? Married to Michelina Mastangelo in New York (1911), had they returned to San Gregorio sometime after 1911 and remained there? That question remains into the new year.

In May I blogged at length about Francesco’s oldest son Vincenzo, who married Maria Iannetti, and his children which led to this wonderful photo I received below in July from Flora – I so love and appreciate getting to know Flora over the last few years. She has been a wealth of information on the DeLellis family she married into.

Vincenzo DeLellis and Maria Carmella Iannetti


While receiving this photo was so welcomed we lost another member of our family and with deep sadness I recorded the passing of

Julia Mary Bianca nee Civitano ~ may her memory be a blessing  

I had the honor and pleasure to meet Julia with my adopting mother (Grace Brown) along with her daughter Phyllis and grandson Peter Marino in Florida. Julia will always hold a place deep within my heart.



I debunked the myth that Filomena DeLellis arrived through Argentina by finally locating her passenger record and wrote about the gangland murder of her daughter Emily, sister of my grandmother Catherina Civitano nee DeLellis. In Sept. I continued to receive records for Emily and was surprised by an additional marriage certificate from ‘Our Lady of Pity Church’ Bronx.

In September my cousin Ann left L.A. on a trip to Italy to visit the ancestrial towns of our family, San Gregorio Mattes, Caserta and Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy. I am excited to begin sharing about her adventure in the coming year.

When November rolled around I ordered off of eBay a 1919 map of the Johnston, Rhode Island, home of where many of our DeLellis family settled, with many descendants still there in the area.


November also was a month of sadness which brought the passing of another family member; mother to my cousin Ann and her family ~

Rose Mary Giuliano nee Forese

 February 8, 1931, Bronx, New York – November 21, 2018

May her memory be a blessing 

Rose Mary was born on Feb 8, 1931 to Nicholas Forese and Julia (Giuditta) Civitano. (Julia was sister to my grandfather Frank Civitano). Rose Mary was the oldest of 2 siblings, both who preceded her in death, Michael John and Nicoletta Rose.

In 1955 Rose married Emanuel Giuliano in the Bronx. He was the son of James Vincent Giuliano and Antonette Prezzano. Emanuel preceded her in death on May 14, 2014.



Now here we are in December…. and I wanted to end the year with saying thank you for following along, all the comments shared on the blog and privately. Happy Holidays and healthy coming New Year to you all.


1919 Johnston, Rhode Island Map

Although I never knew her or my grandfather, Catherine Langellotti was my grandmother and over the course of many years of research into my families history, day by day she has become more and more alive to me. She was the daughter of Giuseppe (Joseph) Langellotti and Filomena DeLellis. I have written quite a few posts on their story, the story of Filomena’s parents, Francesco DeLellis and Caterina Loffreda. Quite recently, my cousin named Ann made a trip from California to the town of San Gregorio Matese, Caserta, Italy – the home of our DeLellis family and still home to many many descendants of our family. Her story and photo’s will be shared in the coming year.

In an attempt to drawer closer and discover as much as I can about our family I purchased this awesome 1919 plate map of Johnston, Rhode Island off of ebay for the small price of $20. I just love having another piece of our history.


Just to briefly recap our story I need to go back to

Luigi DeLellis who married Mariana D’Amico (birth dates unknown) They had 1 son that I have knowledge of and that would be my 2x great grandfather Francesco DeLellis b. abt 1828, San Gregorio Matese. Francesco married Caterina Loffreda and they had 3 sons, Vincenzo, Luigi and Umberto along with 1 daughter my great grandmother Filomena Maria.

Francesco DeLellis 

FrancescoDeLellis copyOur patriarch DeLellis branch father immigrated to Johnston, Rhode Island in 1904 joining his son Vincenzo and Luigi, their families, who were already here. Traveling with Francesco was his wife Caterina and youngest son Umberto. Daughter Filomena, married in Italy arrived by 1904 along with her first 2 children, meeting her husband in the New York. Upon the death of both his parents and his recent marriage in 1911 son Umberto left with wife Michelina Mastangelo returning to San Gregorio Mateste. As far as we know he remained there. With a little luck I had hoped we would be able to track down Umberto’s descendants on Ann’s trip but she was unable – but not without giving it a great try.

Son Vincenzo DeLellis married Maria Carmella Iannetti. DeLellis2FloraPhoto courtesy of the descendants of Vincenzo and Maria

Vincenzo and Maria were the parents of 10 children 6 who lived to adulthood. Baby Girl 1890-1890, Philomena (Mamie) b.1890, Riddle Banks, Del. married Pedro Nicoletti; Maria Carmela (Mary) b. 1892, PA, married Attilo(Arthur) Langellotti, the rest were all born in R.I.. Antonia b. 1895 d. 1903, Marco Francesco b. 1892, married Winifred Cassidy; Benedetto (Diley) b. 1898, married Earline Bickley; Annina (Anna) b. 1901, married Ricardo Toselli; Clara A. b. 1904 d. 1905; Vincenza (Jennie) b. 1906 married Carmine Fera and Maria T. b. 1911 d. 1911.

This is another family photo shared with me by the descendants of Vincenzo and Maria. Middle row: Anna Toselli, Frank DeLellis, Mary Langellotti, Jennie Feta. If anyone is able to identify the other family members in this photo we would love to hear from you.

DeLellisFamilyPhoto copy


Luigi DeLellis and Annunziata Cordini were the parents of 9 children 8 who lived to adulthood. Antonette (Jeanette) b. 1902 San Gregorio, Italy married Thomas Pezzuco; Mary E. b. 1905, R.I. married John Delbonis; Francesco b. 1908, R.I. d. 1909 R.I.; Anthony b. 1910 R.I.; Catherine b. 1912 R.I. married Anthony Saccoccio; Frank b. 1914, Johnston, R.I. married Dolores Detonnancourt; Vera b. 1917, R.I. married Louis Mosca;  Albert Luigi b. 1919, Johnston, R.I. married Yvonne Holden; Anna b. 1923, Johnston, R.I. married Caulafrancesco.

Umberto married Michelina Mastangelo on April 2, 1911 in Manhattan, N.Y.. His story still remains pretty much a mystery. We do know he arrived in 1904 at the age of 14, married in 1911 then returned to Italy. I also have 1 record having him return to N.Y. in 1913, age 23, leaving his wife at home in San Gregorio but with no other information on why or when he returned to Italy.

My great grandmother Filomena DeLellis and Giuseppe Langellotti were the parents of 7 children who all lived to adulthood. Ermina (Emily) b. 1901, San Gregorio, Italy married Frank Tanzillo; Vincent James b. 1903, San Gregorio, married Elizabeth Festa; Margaret b. 1907, New York married John Leone; Anthony b. 1909, Bronx married married Marie Visaggi; Catherine b. 1912, Bronx (my grandmother) married Frank Civitano; Rita Lucy b. 1914, Bronx married Steven Staluppi; Arthur Frank b. 1917, Bronx married Teresa Venerose


Looking back over this year of research and connections made with family members of this branch I want to say a very special thank you for sharing so many wonderful stories and photo’s and your willingness to help keep their stories, their memories alive.

We truly have so much to be Thankful for ~



Photo of Vincenzo DeLellis & Maria Carmela Iannetti

Before I move on with my next post for the DeLellis Family branch I wanted to share this wonderful photo of my 2x great uncle Vincenzo DeLellis and his wife Maria Carmella Iannetti. Vincenzo is the oldest son of Francesco Saverio DeLellis and 1/2 brother to my great grandmother Filomena, and brothers Luigi and Umberto. All of the family hailed from the town of San Gregorio, Casserta, Italy settling in the Providence/Johnston area of Rhode Island. I have been blogging extensively on this family for the last few post with the exception of Filomena, who will be next.

Vincenzo and Maria were the parents of 11 children, 3 of which did not survive past infancy. Vincenzo passed in 1915 and Maria went on to live until 1940.

Vincenzo and Maria Carmela DeLellis 

DeLellis2Flora .jpgCourtesy of a family member of Vincenzo’s branch. I can not say thank you enough for sharing this picture with me. 


Luigi DeLellis: My Two Times Great Uncle

Luigi DeLellis was born on August 21, 1880 in San Gregorio, Caserta, Italy. He was the son of Francesco DeLellis and Caterina Loffreda. {He was named after his grandfather Luigi DeLellis and his wife, Luigi’s grandmother was Mariana D’Amico.  Caterina’s parents were Onorato Loffreda and Maria Maddalena D’Amico. A likely assumption for me is this was a cousin marriage between Luigi and Caterina} Luigi joined siblings Vincenzo, 17 years his senior, the son of Luigi and his first wife Anna LNU, and sister Filomena (1877) daughter of Francesco and Caterina.

Luigi married Annunziata Cordini (1879). She was the daughter of Nicodemo Cordini and Maria Vorruti. Annunziata was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina which I learned from her death announcement.  According to the 1910 census they married in 1901, just prior to Luigi immigrating to the United States in 1902. I was able to locate an immigration record on the Ellis Island site that I believe is for Luigi. This record states he was 21 years old, from San Gregorio, married, arriving on June 30th, 1902.  A quick look at the passenger information told me that he was traveling to a brother-in-law named “Ferritto”.  I have not been able to identify a Ferritto marriage that would be a brother-in-law as stated but, Vincenzo Langellotti married Maria Ferritto; they were the parents of the Giuseppe Langellotti who would marry Luigi’s sister Filomena, my great grandmother. The connection was there. According to his naturalization papers Luigi stated he arrived on  July 11, 1902 but I feel the June 30th date is close enough (with dates commonly off) to be a match.

The first census record for Luigi was the 1910 Rhode Island census. Recorded under the name of Dellis he was living at 504 Union Ave., Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island. Luigi was 30 years old, living with his wife Nunnziatina (32). His occupation was listed as cobbler although the census reported he had been out of work for the last 24 months. Luigi and Annunziata had three living children. Antoinette born in 1903 in Italy with immigration noted in year 1904. That gave me the clue that Annuziatia remained in Italy when Luigi immigrated traveling a year later with their infant daughter. Maria was born in 1905 in R.I. followed by Francesco (1908) passing away a year later in 1909 and baby boy DeLellis in 1910, later named Anthony.

In 1913 Luigi filed his Declaration of Intention to Naturalize Rhode Island, State and Federal Naturalization Records, 1802-1945 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.

It is also important to note that it does not appear that Luigi ever completed the naturalization process. He was still listed with Alien status on the 1940 census.

Along with the above document and his in 1918 WWI draft registration a few more gaps about his life filled in. He was working as a shoe laborer at the time at Bourn Rubber Co. 54 Warren, Prov., Prov. R.I. The family had been living on Simmonsville Rd. since 1913.



Augustus Osborn Bourn (October 1, 1834 – January 29, 1925) was an American politician and the 36th Governor of Rhode Island. (


On site at 54 Warren is this huge complex. I was not able to find an age associated with the existing building but perhaps some of the building had its beginnings as the rubber Co. that Luigi worked in.


Their family had also grown by 1918/1919. Catherine (1912) Frank (1914) Vera (1917) and Albert Luigi (1919) had been born making the number of children in the household seven.

Still at the Simmonsville Road address on the 1920 census, there appears to be no house numbers associated with this street.  I located Luigi now listed as Louis and his wife as Nunzie Delles/Deller. His occupation was listed shoemaker in a repair shop. I like to think of him out of that huge factory and into something more like a small mom and pop type shoe repair shop. Louis had submitted his papers for naturalization in 1913 but they were still not finalized. Antonionette (18) was working as a spinner – hosiery, and Mary (15) was a doffer in woolen mill. On this 1920 census Albert Luigi was listed as Alberto.

A doffer is someone who removes (“doffs”) bobbins, pirns or spindles holding spun fiber such as cotton or wool from a spinning frame and replaces them with empty ones. Historically, spinners, doffers, and sweepers each had separate tasks that were required in the manufacture of spun textiles.  from Wikipedia 

1920 Census 1920 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.


From Ancestry U.S. Directories for the year 1922, I located the listing below for Luigi. Working as a shoe repairer the work address was 900 Cranston. Located there now is a Dunkin Donut shop. The home was located on Thornton.


Rhode Island has a 1925 census and on this daughter Anna, the last of the children had been born in 1923. At home were all of the other children as well as their oldest daughter Antoinette (22) now married and with her husband Thomas Pezzuco (29). In this census Luigi was still using Louis and Annunziata was now Nancy. No occupation was listed.

1925 Census Rhode Island, State Censuses, 1865-1935 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013.

Their address was 107 Walnut Street, Johnston, R.I. Here is the home they lived in (built in 1912) 107Walnut .jpg

Between 1930 and 1940 life moved on for the family. The 1930c revealed that the home on Walnut was owned by Luigi (50). It’s value was listed at $4000. At this time he was an inspector / rubber works.  I am speculating he may still had been working for the Bourn’s National Rubber Co. Daughter Mary (24) was also in the work force in the same field, inspector / rubber works along with daughter Catherine (17) doing bench work / rubber works. Anthony (19) was working as a stone setter / jewelry. Wife Nancy (52) was home with the children Frank B. (15), Alvenia/Vera (13), Albert L. (10), and Anna C. (7). Antoinette and Thomas were now living at 48 Elmhurst, Cranston, R.I.. Luigi and Nancy became grandparents to 3 children: Nancy (5) Anthony (3) and Thomas (1). They would remain at this home for many years.

Some time between 1930 and 1935 daughter Mary married John DelBonis.  I located a census record for John on . Not only married to Mary, they are living with her parents and they had 1 child. John was working as a shipper in hardware.

John Delbonis

Rhode Island State Census, 1935
Name John Delbonis
Event Type Census
Event Year 1935
Event Place Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Address 107 Walnut
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Race White
Number in Family 3
By the time 1940 came around  John (34)  and Mary (33) had moved out of her parents home and into their own rented home at 784 Park, Cranston, R.I.. They had the 1 child, a daughter named Eleanor(1934) John was working as a salesman at an Insurance Co. Their rent was $20. Below from google maps is the building built in 1892.
As I continued to research the children of Louis and Nancy I turned to daughter Catherine. I had the married last name of Saccoccio (a number of researchers on ancestry had this last name) but no first name. I needed to prove this connection and I did. I located this 1935 Rhode Island census from  (1935 were individual punch card type of census record) The address is 12 Knight, the birth date is correct.
Not finding enough to i.d. her husband or the correct Catherine (Saccoccio is a very popular name) I found this death record on for her. Catherine died Feb. 3, 1938 at the age of 25.

Anthony Saccoccia

mentioned in the record of Catherine Saccoccia
Name Anthony Saccoccia
gender Male
Wife Catherine Saccoccia
Other information in the record of Catherine Saccoccia
from Rhode Island Deaths and Burials
Name Catherine Saccoccia
Gender Female
Death Date 03 Feb 1938
Death Place Providence, Rhode Island
Age 25
Birth Date 1913
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Anthony Saccoccia
Father’s Name Luigi De Lellis
Mother’s Name Annunziata Cordini
I was also able to find  a mention for her on FindAGrave. She is buried with her husband
Anthony R. Saccoccio at St Ann Cemetery, Cranston, Rhode Island. Anthony  passed away on March 28, 1982. They are buried in section 15 lot 209. I am curious to learn if there is a ahead stone and I would like to try and find out why she passed at such a young age.
Wondering if Anthony and Catherine had any children I located him in the 1940 census. He was living with his parents Louis and Madeline Saccoccio at 15 Randall St Johnston, R.I.. I discovered that Catherine and Anthony had had 2 children before Catherine passed away. Both named after their grandparents, Louis (1933) and Madeline (1934). What a sad time that must have been for all the families. Catherine passed 4 years after Madeline was born.

Vera had also married. From Mark (Luigi’s grandson) I was able to note her husbands name as Louis Mosca but I was not able to find a marriage record. From I found a 1935 census record for Vera Mosca which indicates she was married by 1935.  On I found her death record of Feb. 5, 1987, San Bernardino, CA.


Name Vera Mosca
Event Type Death
Event Date 05 Feb 1987
Event Place San Bernardino, California, United States
Birth Date 25 Jan 1917
Birthplace Rhode Island
Gender Female
Father’s Name Delillis
Mother’s Name Cordina

Citing this Record

“California Death Index, 1940-1997,” database, FamilySearch( : 26 November 2014), Vera Mosca, 05 Feb 1987; Department of Public Health Services, Sacramento.


Antoinette had married by 1925 and was living with her husband and children which left only  son Frank B. (1915) to locate.  He was home in 1935 with his parents working as a butcher living at the 1066 Plainfield address. I located a WWII draft record (1942) for Frank, confirmed with his profession as a meat cutter. It also stated is that he was married.

The 1940 census was interesting. It appears Louis had sold the house on Walnut and moved to the home at 1066 Plainfield St. The census indicates this was his home in 1935 as well. The ages for Louis and Nancy have been consistent throughout the censuses. Nancy (61) a bit older than Louis (59). Louis also had a job change.  He was now a laborer doing road work for the government. Anthony (30) was no longer working as a stone cutter/jewelry but was working with brother Albert L. (20) at a cotton mill as a laborer. They were both still living at home along with Anna C. (17)  noted as a new worker. The value of the home on Plainfield was $1500. The 1939 city directory noted son Frank was living at the 1066 Plainfield address but no occupation was given. Frank was located on Thornton in 1940 and working as a clerk at Weybosset Market.


So many of my ancestor worked the cotton and worst/woolen mills of the area, I couldn’t help but do a bit of digging about this. I collect old postcards (NYC mostly) but spotted this beauty and had to have her. The postmark was 1909 for this card, the mill was already the State Armory so no one after 1909, would have worked at this mill.



The 1942 WWII draft registration for Thomas Pezzuco, Antoinette’s husband continued to show the 48 Elmhurst address. Thomas was the owner of a Cattle business. According to another researcher she has listed 5 more children born to Thomas and Antoinette in addition to the 3 I have confirmed. I have reached out to her but have not heard anything back. She has no documents to prove the children so I will leave it at the first 3 for now. I was able to find a city directory listings up to 1961 with cattle business listed. I was able to find  few more of the children through google searches but again they are not proved so I will not include them at this time. It appears some of the family has remained in the area with a construction company in business.


To recap the highlights of Luigi’s life

He was born in 1880 and immigrated about 1902, he would outlive his father Francesco who passed away in R.I. in 1908, followed by the passing of his first son Francesco in 1909. His older 1/2 brother Vincenzo passed away in 1915, and then his mother Caterina in 1918, both in R.I also. Luigi would bury his daughter Catherine in 1938, he was 57 when she died. He would also suffer the loss of his only sister, Filomena in 1942 (Bronx) and then his wife Annuziata in 1950, R.I.. He would survive another 12 years before passing away on

 Feb 17, 1962

Luigi and Annunciate are buried at Saint Ann Cemetery, Cranston, Rhode Island.

LuigiDeLellis .jpg

I was delighted to find on genealogy the obituary announcements for Annunziata, but unfortunately I could not locate anything for Luigi.

11Genealogybank: Providence Journal Monday, Jun 19, 1950 Providence, RI Page: 13 Providence JournalThursday, Jun 22, 1950 Providence, RIPage: 13


I would like to dedicate this post to Mark DeLellis ~ and his family. Luigi and Annunziata are Mark’s grandparents. I hope that I have been able to provide a time line and some new information for Mark and his family about his grandparents, aunts and uncles and extended family. It’s been a pleasure corresponding with Mark.

As I was hunting through genealogy for DeLellis mentions I came across three more I wanted to share. The first was a mention for son Anthony and the other is for their granddaughter Madeline ~ daughter of Catherine, and granddaughter Eleanor ~ daughter of Mary.


Providence JournalTuesday, Jun 24, 1952 Providence, RI Page: 15



Providence JournalSunday, Jul 19, 1959 Providence, RI Page: 158
transcription of the article
“The marriage of Miss Madeline Saccoccio daughter of Mr. A Robert Saccoccio of St Mary’s Drive, Cranston and the late Mrs. Catherine DeLellis Saccoccio to Mr. Robert Frank Montaquila, son of Mr. ad Mrs. Antonio Montaquila of Commodore Street, took place yesterday. The Rev. Joseph F Meruzzo officiated at the 10 am ceremony in St Mary’s Church, Cranston. The couple received the papal blessing. A reception was held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Narragansett hotel. Mrs. Alfred C Pascale was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss Margaret T. Kelly and Mrs Pat Ruggeo (?) Dr. Alfred C Pacale was best man. Ushers were Mr. Louis A Saccoccio brother of the bride and Mr Pat Ruggeo
Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a silk organza and Alencon lace gown with an Empire bodice, portrait neckline, short sleeves, bouffant skirt and a chapel train. Her silk illusion veil fell from a queens crown of orange blossoms, and she carried a colonial bouquet of white roses, stephanous, and an orchard.
After a motor trip to California and Canada, the couple will live at 35 Butler St., Cranston.”


Providence JournalSunday, Jun 07, 1959 Providence, RI Page: 142

Umberto DeLellis

In my last post I wrote about Vincenzo DeLellis (1863 – 1915), son of Francesco DeLellis (1828 – 1908)  and Anna (LNU). Vincenzo was their only son. Francesco went on to marry Caterina Loffredo (1853 – 1918) after the presumed passing of his 1st wife Anna. I have no additional information on Anna. Francesco and Caterina went on to have 3 more children. Filomena (1877), my great grandmother, son Luigi (1880) and Umberto (1890)

Umberto, the youngest child, was born 1890 in San Gregorio, Casterta, Italy. I have found very little information on Umberto other than a passenger manifest for him and marriage record.  He was traveling with his parents, Francesco and Caterina, destination Rhode Island to his brother Vincenzo. The record below is 

Name Umberto Delellis
Arrival Date 30 Apr 1904
Birth Date abt 1890
Age 14
Gender Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality Italian (South)
Port of Departure Napoli
Port of Arrival New York, New York
Ship Name Citta Di Genova
Search Ship Database Citta Di Genova
Umberto Delellis – Apr 1904 – New York, New York Napoli Napoli – Male – Citta Di Genova

I know so little about the DeLellis family. Hopefully with the few family connection’s I have made, together we can piece together our branches. I have sent away for a marriage certificate for Umberto. I will update when the record is received. The record below was also found on This was an important record since I had located two men named Umberto born in the same year. Umberto #2 was the son of Alfonso DeLellis.

Umberto DeLellis

Name Umberto De Lellis
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 02 Apr 1911
Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Event Place (Original) Manhattan, New York
Gender Male
Age 21
Marital Status Single
Race White
Birth Year (Estimated) 1890
Birthplace Italy
Father’s Name Francesco
Mother’s Name Caterina Lofejjo
Spouse’s Name Michelina Mastangelo
Spouse’s Gender Female
Spouse’s Age 27
Spouse’s Marital Status Single
Spouse’s Race White
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated) 1884
Spouse’s Birthplace Itlay
Spouse’s Father’s Name Salvatore
Spouse’s Mother’s Name Nicolina Leggiers

By 1910 there were 8 DeLellis families living in Johnston, Rhode Island. They were all connected but exactly how I am not sure yet.

Living at 536 Union Ave. was Giovanni DeLellis (1848), laborer, his wife Anna (1855), son Giovanni Jr (1886) working as a clerk, daughter Maria (1882) working as a spooler in worsted mill. Also living with them was there married daughter Carmela aka Minnie (1890) husband Angelo Dibiase (1887), tailor, daughter Louisa (1908) and son Ettore (1910)

Also on Union Ave at 503 was Vincenzo DeLellis (1865), millsman,  his wife Carmela(1867) their children Maria (1892), Francesco (1896), Benedetto (1898), Anna (1902), Vingenza ( 1907)

Living next door at 504 Union Ave was Luigi DeLellis (1880)(Vincenzo’s brother), cobbler, wife Annuziata (1878), children Antonetta (1903), Maria (1905), and a son (9/12)

At 11 What Cheer Ave was Tommas DeLellis (1858) florist,  wife Maria (1861) children Emilia (1902) Alfredo (1904) Louisa ( 1906) and two stepdaughters.

Domiano DeLellis  (1873), barber,  was living at 161 Knight St with his wife Antonia (1867) daughters Annie (1901) Margarita (1907) son Luicei (1905) son Sinefore (1908 – 1909) Living with them was his mother-in-law Maria Bartolomingi and brother-in-law Joseph

Alessandro DeLellis (1877), filler in fuse shop, lived at 319 Pocasset Ave with his wife Maria (1878), children Francesca (1908), Giovanni (1910 – 1911), son Alberto (1905 – 1906) Living with them was his father-in-law Giuseppe Piacitelli (widow) and his sister-in-law Asunta, candy maker.

With an address change from Vanner to Simmonsville Rd  Giocabbe DeLellis (1856), day laborer and wife Raffaela (1862) were living in Johnston as early as 1900 along with Giuseppe and Vincenzo. They had 1 confirmed son named Peitro (1890) Living next door to Giocabbe and Raffaela in 1900 was Nicola DeLellis (1840) day laborer, and his wife Mary (1854)

These early residents set the stage for our families beginning here in the United States.





Vincenzo DeLellis: husband of Maria Carmella Iannetti

The oldest and only known child of Francesco and his first wife Anna ( LNU) DeLellis was son Vincenzo DeLellis. Records for Vincenzo seem to be spotty with few documents found but I was able to form  a reasonable time line for him from the little I do have.

Born about 1863 in San Gregorio, Casterta, Italy, Vincenzo arrived sometime in 1885 according to the 1900c, this would have made him about 22 years old. I have not been able to find an immigration record for him.

*A possible first record for Vincenzo that I did find was the 1890 birth record for his first child, a daughter, Philomena. This is an interesting record in that all the names seem to have been misspelled. Carmella as Carmena has a 2nd name looking like Yonet (?) and Vincenzo’s occupation was stone cutter, an occupation I never saw reference to again. I have looked at this record numerous times and have debated if this is truly the family. Following the trail of the birth date March 31, 1890 and of the known information from census to marriage to her death record, I have concluded this is most likely a correct record.  The birthdate on the death record corresponds with the birth record.

Birth Record 

31297_212206-00692DetailDelaware Public Archives; Dover, Delaware; Collection Number: Birth Records – 39; Roll Number: 39

Marriage Record

Name Pietro Nicoletti
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 06 Mar 1910
Event Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Gender Male
Age 20
Birth Year (Estimated) 1890
Father’s Name Francesco
Mother’s Name Maria
Spouse’s Name Filomena Palma Delellis
Spouse’s Gender Female
Spouse’s Age 19
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated) 1891
Spouse’s Father’s Name Vincenzo
Spouse’s Mother’s Name Maria C.
Citing this Record”Rhode Island Town Marriages Index, 1639-1916,” database, FamilySearch( : accessed 9 May 2018), Pietro Nicoletti and Filomena Palma Delellis, 06 Mar 1910; citing Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States, town halls, Rhode Island, and Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence; FHL microfilm 565.

Death Record

Philomena Nicoletti
SSN: 023-18-8428
Last Residence:
01510 Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
BORN: 31 Mar 1890
Died: Dec 1966
State (Year) SSN issued: Massachusetts (Before 1951)
Source InformationTitleRhode Island, Marriage Index, Operations IncPublisher Date2000Publisher LocationProvo, UT, USA

In the 1900 census record Vincenzo was living in Rhode Island, working as a farmer.  Here again his last name has been misspelled and written as James Daily (37). James is a common nick name for Vincenzo. He was married to Maria Carmella, recorded as Malley born abt 1865 (35). It stated they had been married for 15 years. If the year of immigration is accurate, they had just married prior to Vincenzo leaving Italy, with Maria following about 2 years later.  I do not have information for her parents nor have I found an immigration record for her. The census also tells us that he owned his home at 27 Peck Hill Rd, Providence, he could read, write and spoke English. Maria did not speak English nor could she read and write.

A search on google earth for the address 27 Peck Hill Road found this house. While the setting was most likely the same this house looks relatively new, new roof, but perhaps the larger part was an addition to the existing smaller structure with the chimney? Could that be an original chimney? I like to imagine so but I have no idea.


In this 1900c the family consisted of 5 children and (1 deceased) From the children and their birth states I was able to track Vincenzo’s early beginnings. It appears after arriving he started out close to Delaware since his first child was born in Delaware 1890, by 1891 he had moved down to Philadelphia, PA. By 1894 he had moved his growing family back to Delaware and by 1896 they had moved to Rhode Island where they would remain.

At home at 27 Peck Hill Road address, was first child Philomena/Mamie (10) born March 1890, Del., followed by Mary (8) Dec. 1891, Phil. PA, Tomaso/Tommy (6) Apr. 1894, Del., Marcus Francesco/Frank(4)  Apr., 1896, R.I., Benedetto/Benjamin (2) Mar. 1898, R.I., Annie (3/12)  Mar. 1900, R.I.. A few years later in 1904 daughter Clara A. was born, living a short time, passing away in 1905.

By 1910 the family had moved to 503 Union Ave, Providence, R.I.. Vincenzo was no longer farming  but working as a millsman/business. Maria, recorded Carmella on this census was working as a spinner in a worsted mill.  This census also says Vincenzo had his papers for naturalizing. I am still at a loss for finding immigration or naturalization records for him.

There is much information on historical society sites for Johnston and surrounding areas on the topic of worsted and woolen mills which is actually fascinating. Perhaps demanding a much deeper look and its own blog page. Simply put worsted mills are using smooth long fibers, fibers that have been carded to make the fibers smooth. Woolen mills use shorter fibers to create cloth. This is the hairier itchier wooled fabrics you are familiar with. 





By 1910 daughter Philomena/Mamie (20) was married to Peter Nicoletti (20), living in Worcester, MA with his parents. Peter worked as a moulder in a foundry and Mamie was a folder in an envelope shop. Still at home with Vincenzo and Maria was Maria (18), Marco Francesco/Frank (14), Benedetto/Benjamin (12), Anna (8) and now Vincenza (3). Tommy was no longer listed. He would have been 16. I have had no luck finding a death record or a record to match his birth date.  A year later in 1911 daughter Maria T. would join the family only to pass away in the same year.

Living next door to Vincenzo and his family in 1910,  was his brother Luigi DeLellis (30) who had arrived in 1902. He was living at 504 Union Ave. Luigi was renting the home and with him was his wife Nunziatina/Annunziata (32) Italy, daughter Antonetta (7) Italy, Marica (5) R.I. and a son (9/12) R.I.. His profession was cobbler in shoemakers shop although the census indicates Luigi was out of work and had been for past 24 months.  Living with them was boarder Giuseppe Posidorio (36), cobbler in his own shop. I wonder if Luigi had worked for him?

Also living in area were other DeLellis  families. From the city directories for 1898 Providence/Johnston I found living there: Giovanni at 34 Minerva; Pietro and Tomaso  living at 44 Ethan. All three occupations were listed as laborer. By the 1904 directory Alessandro had joined them and was living with Giovanni  at 512 Union Ave, Giuseppe was at 24 Ridge and Tomaso was at 34 What Cheer Rd – where he would remain until his passing and his home then would pass on to his son Thomas.

Not much more is known about Vincenzo and his family between 1910 and 1915.

Daughter Maria married Attilio Langellotti on April 26, 1914. (name changed to Langelo) He was the son of Antonio Langellotti and Anna M. Fattore. Vincenzo’s sister Filomena – my great grandmother, would go on to marry Giuseppe Langellotti. My best guess at this time is that Attilio was a nephew to Giuseppe. The father of Giuseppe Langellotti was a Vincenzo Langellotti, his father was Gabriele Langellotti, his wife was Teresa DeLellis – this is taking us back to the late 1700’s – I mention this only to show the interconnectedness with these two families – so many of these names  intersect, Loffreda, D’Onofrio, Fattore, Ferritto – I have seen them repeating and connecting through our DeLellis/Langellotti clan as well into our Civitano branches.

Vincenzo DeLellis died on January 30th, 1915 

Rhode Island Deaths and Burials
Name Vincenzo De Lellis
Gender Male
Death Date 30 Jan 1915
Death Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Age 52
Birth Date 1863
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Carmela
Father’s Name Francisco Dilillis
Mother’s Name  

Anna Dillis

Citing this Record “Rhode Island Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950,” database, FamilySearch( : 10 March 2018), Vincenzo De Lellis, 30 Jan 1915; citing Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, reference 37; FHL microfilm 2,023,813.

 I have not been able to locate a death certificate or his place of burial for him. A search of findagrave yielded something very interesting about Johnston, R.I. and it cemeteries. There are 105 historical cemeteries, many with photographed stones, many private family plots. I will need to spend a considerable amount of time to try and wade through these pages.

Not long after and on the 1915  census (no month indicated) Vincenzo’s wife Maria (50) was living with her son Frank (19) listed as head, son Benjamin (17), and daughters Anna (13) and Jennie (8). The only one working was Frank with his profession listed as ‘second hand, woolen mill’. The home was at 238 Sterling Ave.

 Still at the Sterling Ave. address in 1920 Maria (54) widow, was living with daughter’s Anna (17) and Vincenza (13). The only one working was Anna, as a spinner in woolen mill. The census also notes that the home on Sterling was owned and not rented. Both son’s Frank and Benjamin were on their own. Looking at city directories I was able to track Maria up until 1939 where she remained at the 238 Sterling Ave. address.


Maria Caronela DeLellis died on January 1, 1940

Rhode Island Deaths and Burials
Name Maria Caronela Delellis
Gender Female
Death Date 01 Jan 1940
Death Place Providence, Rhode Island
Age 72
Birth Date 1868
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Vincenzo Delellis
Father’s Name Jannetti
Mother’s Name Marianna
Citing this Record”Rhode Island Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950,” database, FamilySearch( : 10 March 2018), Maria Caronela Delellis, 01 Jan 1940; citing Providence, Rhode Island, reference 1; FHL microfilm 1,955,420.



From Wikipedia I found an interesting fact about the town. In 2000, 46.7% of Johnston residents identified themselves as being of Italian heritage. This was the highest percentage of Italian Americans of any municipality in the country.[10] Wikipedia




Francesco Saverio DeLellis of San Gregorio Matese, Caserta, Italy transplanted to Johnston, Rhode Island

A quick update for those who have been asking. I did hear back from my new DNA matched 2nd cousin 1x removed. His name is Mark. It’s been very exciting  sharing a few photo’s and getting acquainted with each other. His grandfather Luigi DeLellis was a brother to my great grandmother Filomena Langellotti DeLellis.

Our MRCA (most recent common ancestor) was Mark’s great grandfather and my 2x great grandfather Francesco Saverio DeLellis (b. 1828)  San Gregorio, Cascerta, Compania, Italy. Francesco was the son of Luigi DeLellis and Marianna D’Amico. I have no other information on them other than they were living in San Gregorio at the time of their son Francesco’s birth.

Francesco married Caterina Loffredo (b.1853) on May 15, 1872, also from San Gregorio, Italy. Caterina was the daughter of Onorato Loffredo and Maria Maddalena D’Amico 

Notice that both mother’s were D’Amico’s. I am guessing that this was a cousin marriage between Francesco and Caterina. Marianna and Maria were most likely sisters, but I have no documents to prove that at this time.

Marriage Certificate for Francesco and Caterina 

Marriage Certificate - Francesco Saverio .jpg

Marriage Certificate - Francesco Saverio -2.jpgMarriage Certificate - Francesco Saverio -3

The marriage certificate states that Francesco was the widower of a woman named Anna DeLellis. This is consistent and supported by the document seen below that I found on  It is a death record for Francesco’s 1st son Vincenzo, who was the child of his 1st wife Anna.

Rhode Island Deaths and Burials from
Name Vincenzo De Lellis
Gender Male
Death Date 30 Jan 1915
Death Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Age 52
Birth Date 1863
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Carmela
Father’s Name Francisco Dilillis
Mother’s Name Anna Dillis

There is quite an age gap between Francesco and Caterina. He was 44 and Caterina 19 when they married. Caterina became mother to Vincenzo, 10 years her jr and would go on to have three children with Francesco. Filomena (b. 1887) my great grandmother,  Luigi (b. 1880) and Umberto (1890).

The first of their sons to immigrate was Luigi in 1902, followed by Vincenzo in 1904, and then father Francesco along with Caterina with their son Umberto arrived after Vincenzo in 1904. Filomena came two years later in 1906. According to my Uncle Joe she traveled through Argentina and then entered the US that way. I have been unable to find an immigration record for either Filomena or for Luigi. Before I move on to the children in my next post I want to talk about their father Francesco, and the very little information I have been able to find on him.

At the age of of 76, Francesco left his his homeland aboard the Citta Di Genova, out of the Port of Napoli on April 11, 1904, arriving in New York Harbor on April 30. Traveling with him was his wife Caterina (52) and youngest son Umberto (14).

SS Città di Genova

Port of Naples 1834 – 1891 (wikipedia) not 1904 but very close to what the port must have looked like when our ancestors set sail


Francesco’s immigration record yielded a wealth of information to understand their passage to their new life here in America. They were traveling with $5 between them and heading to their son Vincenzo on Mission Ave, Providence, Rhode Island. Detained when arrived; I was not able to make out everything noted but the word “senility and Dwarf” was clearly written for Francesco. The word “good” was recorded for Caterina and Umberto. Francesco and Umberto’s profession was also noted as laborer but I wonder how much Francesco was really able to do anymore. They certainly came with very little money, so I imagine life was extremely tough, if not unbearable for them back in San Gregorio.

Passenger Manifest for Francesco, Caterina and Umberto

NYT715_452-0070Citation Information Detail Year: 1904; Arrival: New York, New York; MicrofilSerial:T715, 1897-1957; Microfilm Roll: Roll 0452; Line: 16; Page Number: 32  Title New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 Author

At the time that they immigrated Luigi and Vincenzo were already here establishing their new lives for the family. Vincenzo was married with 6 children. He had already been here for 15 years and was working as a farmer. More on him in a later post. Luigi was also here and living on Union Ave  (Providence, R.I.) He too was married and with 3 children to support as a cobbler, having arrived just two years prior.  (more on Luigi in a later post)

Francesco would live another four years before passing away in Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island on the 28th of March 1908. I have been unable to locate where he is buried. Correspondence with the Johnston Historical Society a few years ago, yielded no record or information found on a burial for Francesco.

A warm sincere thank you to Mark for finding and sending this photo to me. It is absolutely amazing. The more I look at it the more I am wondering if it is a painting portrait and not a photograph. Could it be a colorized photo? Any thoughts on this? Turning to the immigration record for Francesco we had one clue, that he was a dwarf. This man appears to be extremely short in stature. Whether he was truly a dwarf or just a very short man – I believe this is Francesco DeLellis.

FrancescoDeLellis.jpgPhoto courtesy of Mark DeLellis 

After the death of Francesco, his wife Caterina would go on to live another 10 years. As I was taking a look at some of the details about her, something else jumped out at me. Caterina had a sister, and her name was Anna (b. abt 1856) Could this have been Francesco’s first wife and mother of Vincenzo? It doesn’t seem possible that it could be since the ages of birth for Anna and Vincenzo is only 7 years apart. It is possible that the birth years are wrong and it was an extremely common practice in that time frame. But with nothing really to go on,  it’s just a thought.

Caterina, having lost her husband, relocated to New York to the Bronx to be by her daughter Filomena, her husand Giuseppe Langelotti and family. I located Filomena  in the 1910c living at 290 East 149th St. but there was no mention of Caterina. By 1915 Caterina was living next Filomena at 283 East 149th St., where she and her family  would remain through the 1920’s.

1915 New York Census 

32848_B093989-00335.jpgCitation Information Detail New York State Archives; Albany, New York; State Population Census Schedules, 1915; Election District: 02; Assembly District: 33; City: New York; County: Bronx; Page: 43

Caterina would live three more years passing away on February 15, 1918. She was buried at St. Raymond Cemetery on February 19, 1918.

Death Certificate for Caterina DeLellis 





My knowledge of the DeLellis branch of my family is very limited and I am have been very excited to begin researching them. I have made a few contacts over the the years with distant cousin’s. My hope is together we can begin to put together a great picture of this branch. My next few posts will be to honor those families who settled in Rhode Island and dug their heels deep in to the soil there.