In Memory of Rosa Simone nee Civitano and her son Louis Simone

In Memory of

Rosa Simone nee Civitano

27 August 1893 Grumo Appula, Italy ~ 7 February 1933 Bronx, New York

Daughter  Vito Luigi Civitano and Angelina Marvulli

Louis Simone

10 September 1919 New York City, New York  – 9 February 1932 Bronx, New York 

Son of  Domenico Simone and Rosa Civitano

Rosa married Domenico Simone on 6 October 1912 in New York City.  Together they had six children. Of the six born, they would lose their 1st daughter Angelina one year after she was born. Adding to their sadness, son Louis (Vito Luigi) born in 1919 would pass away in 1932 at the age of 13.



Simone, Rose - St. Raymond's Cemetery

They are buried at St. Raymond’s Cemetery, Bronx, New York


May Their Memory Be A Blessing

4 thoughts on “In Memory of Rosa Simone nee Civitano and her son Louis Simone

  1. I am so impressed by the work you are doing! Now, however, I’m starting to need a family tree to show where who is related to whom… you’re bringing up names from my childhood – I remember going with my mom and dad to a barbecue in New England where we met with the DeLellis relatives – Somewhere in my father’s box of slides, are pictures from Aunt Rita’s wedding which you documented last month.
    Thank you for the blessings you are bringing us!
    Your cousin, Phyllis


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