In Memory of Nicoletta Marie Civitano

Today, January 7 marks the 7 year anniversary of the passing of

Nicoletta Marie Civitano

November 27, 1930 ~ January 7, 2011

In honor and memory I would like to dedicate this first post of 2018 to her  

Nicoletta, known more affectionately as Coletta, was the first child of Frank Civitano and Catherine Langelotti. Born in the Bronx, she was sister to Vincent and Joseph, sister-in-law to MaryAnn, mother to Karen Oliveri, aunt to Frank, Vincent (may he rest in peace), Joseph and myself. My memories are brief as I only knew her for a short time but those memories are like brilliant primary colors, intense and vibrant. To me she will always be red velvet draped in gold lame’. Cut crystals by a window streaming rainbow’s around a room. Coletta is fun wrapped in laughter. She is determined and driven, fiercely protective, spontaneous, creative, crafty and opinionated. She ‘is’ because she ‘was’ and will always be a part of my life. On occasion a situation will present itself during my day and automatically my mind then mouth will whisper ‘in honor of Aunt Coletta’ as her imprint on my life is ever present. Over the course of the few years prior to her passing, then onward, I have been so blessed to have family who graciously opened their hearts and shared their stories, my story our story.  Today in her honor  I would like to share Coletta Marie Civitano with you

All of the photo’s posted are courtesy of her daughter Karen Oliveri, my brother Frank Civitano, who opened their photo albums to provide this intimate  glimpse into her life. To my Uncle Joseph who has spent countless hours going over photo’s and sharing story after story with me and to Peter Marino and his grandmother Julia Bianca for help in identifying people for me ~ I say thank you, this post could not have been done with out you.



1940 Easter Wedding of Arthur Langellotti and Teresa Venrose ~ Coletta was the flower girl, Frank Civitano (her father) Best Man, Rita Langellotti Maid of Honor (sister of groom)
1943 Grammer School/Jr H Graduation Party
1946 Sweet 16 Birthday Party
Party Guests
High School Graduation 1948

In 1956 Coletta married Jack Oliveri and together they welcomed their daughter Karen (1963)

So much life and love had spanned the years before I had the chance to meet my Aunt. Here we are pouring over the family tree I had made when I had first begun digging up our roots

Coletta with Joseph Puglia

  • This posting is edited post from the original. Many of the photo’s I had first shared are not shown and the post shortened. There had been a glitch and the photo’s were lost. The WP changed their format and it was impossible to fix the original. (I do have all the original photos)

10 thoughts on “In Memory of Nicoletta Marie Civitano

  1. Another wonderful job done by you Sharon…..Pulling heart-strings to the limit, with numerous memories (good/bad/in-between)…you know how to make a guy cry…really! Can’t even believe some things ever were….Thank You…..

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  2. Beautiful post, and your language describing Coletta is so poetic—the images bring her to life. Wonderful photographs—and they reflect just the personality you evoked in your description.

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  3. Sharon, I love your description of Coletta! The red velvet and gold lame and crystals and all! Just beautiful. A larger than life woman! And what a wealth of photos! It makes me kind of teary looking at the family through these photos.

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    • Thank you Luanne.She was larger than life. I left out her round bed with with mirrored ceiling! And the secret of young beautiful skin, pure olive oil. There was so much more I could have shared that would have rounded out her personality. I do have a few more photo’s I will share but in a later post. For now – my battle cry…in memory of Aunt Coletta!


  4. Oops, wanted to mention. Are you on Facebook? There is a group called We are Genealogy Bloggers and you could ask them, if you want, more info about using tags and categories! I saw somebody was asking about it on there and the group’s whole purpose is to answer questions like that!

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