Connecting Cousin in the Marvulli/Caso Branch

Connecting with family, near and far, known and unknown has been one of the more exciting aspects of this blog and quite recently this has happened again. Back in Oct. of 2017, I had written a number of posts on the Marvulli branch of the family.

My great grandmother was Nicoletta Marvulli married to Vincenzo Civitano, both from the town of Grumo Appula, Bari, Italy. Nicoletta was the youngest child of Domenico Marvulli and Rosa D’Armiento.  Her older sister by 15years was Rita Edith Marvulli who married a man named Gaetano Caso, also from Grumo Appula. It is off of this family branch, Rita and Gaetano, that the new cousin connection has been made. This past week has been full of information and photo’s shared.

Rita and Gaetano Caso were the parents of 7 children of which only 3 l lived to adulthood. You can read more about them in the posts below.

First born to Rita and Gaetano was son Michael (Michele) (1892).  At the age of 15/16 he left his home in Italy to join his parents, who had already immigrated to New York (1904 &1905). It was here in New York that his future wife Rosa DiGirolamo (1901 Grumo Appula) daughter of Giuseppe DiGirolamo and Vita Servedio, arrived on the 15 Apr. 1921 to marry Michael. The marriage took place on June 12, 1921 in Manhattan.


picture credit KarenBrick,2009,

Michael and Rita had 3 children. Rita (1922), Gaetano (1923) and Vita (1932). Gaetano, named after his grandfather Gaetano (1864), married Elizabeth Panacciulli and it is their son, a 3rd cousin, Guy Jr (Gaetano) that I have connected with. With his permission I am sharing this beautiful family photo of Michael Caso and Rosa DiGirolamo with their daughter Rita and Guys father Gaetano (picture 1923/24)

1 copy Photo Courtesy of Guy (Jr) Caso & Family

I am looking forward to sharing more photo’s and family history that Guy has so graciously shared with me.

4 thoughts on “Connecting Cousin in the Marvulli/Caso Branch

  1. I was friends with a girl in college who had the last name of Caso. I wonder if there is any relation (I’m not sure how unusual it actually is, but I’ve never heard it before or since until this post)!

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